Freezing My Butt off=Embarrassing Moment!

So this morning I had a doctor’s appt at 9am. I am one that hates coats and only wears one when absolutely necessary. LOL Just ask my mom, I always snuck it off when I was little and to this day I get, “Where’s your coat??” Mom, I’m your JenBrat what can I say?

I just had on my IA State hoodie. I get out to my car and the heat took forever (I need to buy some antifreeze). I dro ve past the bank and it was only TWENTY FIVE DEGREES OUT!

So I’m sitting at a stop light and listening to the radio. I am a steering wheel tapper when the music is on. So here I am tapping out the beat to “Let It Rock” when I get one of those chills where you just have to move. Here’s me letting out a quick bounce up and down and a “brrr!!” Next thing I know I realize the semi next to me has his window DOWN (It’s cold Moron!) and was watching me. Oh how I had to hold back from tapping MY HEAD on the steering wheel.

What do you know though? It was a Coors Light truck. Too bad this happened at 9am otherwise maybe I would have asked for a beer (TOTALLY KIDDING!) I guess I can say this-Atleast he didn’t hear my “brr!”

I have a dr appt tomorrow at 8:45. Who will I entertain then?

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  1. LOL, Sounds like sonething I would do, Can’t wait till you get your Flip I am sure you will entertain us LOL. I bought one but I think it will be awhile before I work up the nerve to let you(anyone)see me, dancing on momdot was enough for a while.

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