Five Fashion Accessories and Investment Pieces

Five Fashion Accessories and Investment Pieces 1

Five Fashion Accessories and Investment Pieces 2

While fashion accessories elevate any outfit, there are investment pieces that turn any memorable apparel into an iconic ensemble. So what exactly are investment pieces? From the name itself, they are accessories that are extravagant enough to be “invested” in. This is not to say that any expensive accessory is an investment piece, because there is an art and a science to buying them.

At the rate that fast fashion is set up nowadays, most people go for clothes and accessories they will use a couple of times for a season and then discard to buy another. In order to keep up with the latest trends, spending the most minimum required is what is considered ideal, but is it the right way to go? Getting investment pieces is an intimidating ordeal especially if you’re among the demographic that consumes fast fashion.

However, there is wisdom in investing your hard-earned cash in investment pieces because they are high-quality and timeless. What most people don’t know is that mixing high and low will save them money in the long run.

Trendy outfits can significantly be made to look better when paired with iconic accessories. Popular high-fashion pieces often fetch a high resale price, so even if they’re not investments like real estate and the like, buying smart will allow you to still get your money’s worth and more if you decide to sell them when you’re done with them.

There are actual people who buy and resell luxury pieces for a living, like luxury-brand connoisseurs and hobbyists. The trick is to go for the limited-edition pieces and popular high-end brands. While investment items are always being bought and resold, the best return on investment comes from accessories because they aren’t as frequently worn as shoes are or as easily damaged as clothes are.

Not everyone has the capability to readily invest in high-end accessories, but there are some pieces worth looking into. While others invest on accessories because they have a high resale value, others spend on these for their quality and usefulness.

If you’re looking for ideas, luxury brands or not, here are some items that are worth spending on.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Five Fashion Accessories and Investment Pieces 3

There has not been a more iconic pair of sunglasses than those coming from Ray-Ban. With more than eighty years under its belt, the company has been made famous by Hollywood and its list of glittering A-list stars sporting aviators, Clubmasters, and wayfarers across cinema screens.

Investing in a pair or two of Ray-Bans is a good move because they are easily recognizable and their quality is hard to beat. Apart from making any outfit look cool, it sufficiently protects the eyes from UV light.’

Carbon Fiber Accessories

Five Fashion Accessories and Investment Pieces 4

Carbon fiber is a material known for its strength and versatility and is mainly used in sporting goods, aerospace materials, high-end cars, and more. More and more industries are using carbon fiber because it is inherently lightweight, strong, and compatible with a lot of materials.

It’s no surprise that the fashion industry has joined the bandwagon and is using it to create eye-catching accessories such as unique carbon fiber rings, necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry.

Leather Tote Bag

Premium Leather Tote Bag

Bags are a must-have accessory for women, but these must also be durable enough to carry the weight of daily essentials. A vintage tote bag can withstand daily travels, and it’s flexible in any occasions. The beauty of high-quality leather totes that utilize full-grain leather isn’t just the quality, but the unique characteristics that develop with time and use.

Rolex Watch

Five Fashion Accessories and Investment Pieces 5

The ultimate finish accessory for men and women is the watch, so it is always a good idea to invest in good-quality ones like a Rolex watch, which is known for its quality and classic look. The watch industry is a little fickle, so not all Rolex investments yield a lot, and buying vintage doesn’t always mean it is better than brand-new models. However, it is a good investment for yourself either way because it exudes elegance, holds an outfit together, and can tell time.

Fine JewelryFive Fashion Accessories and Investment Pieces 6

Jewelry, especially ones that have been handed down from generation to generation, serves as a fine contrast to today’s fast-paced world. Even after several decades, vintage pieces and handmade heirlooms still offer that old-world charm that looks great when paired with classic outfits. They may be expensive but the beauty, prestige, and durability that high-quality jewelry offers are incomparable. Fine jewelry is a good way to treat yourself while securing your finances in the future in case of emergencies.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to investing in luxury pieces and high-fashion accessories, remember to always get what you pay for. Remember to steer away from trends if the buy is only meant to last for a short period, which makes spending for it moot. The high price tag is always worth it if it’s something you will use and love for many years to come, and it’s even better if it is something that can be used to safeguard yourself from unplanned expenses.

Do you have any tips and suggestions for investment pieces and accessories? Share them on the comments section below.


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