Five easy ways to make your garden look healthier

Five easy ways to make your garden look healthier 1

There is nothing more pride-fueling that having an outdoors get together with family and friends, being able to invite them into your luscious, healthy-looking garden. If you are not green-fingered, it can feel like a bit of a mission achieving this. However, we are here to make things easier for you. So, whether you are a beginner or simply short on time, continue reading for our five easy ways to make this happen for you. 


  • Low maintenance borders


Most gardens have some form of borders rather than the lawn reaching the fencing or wall that separates yours from your neighbors’. Dead flowers look unsightly, so be sure to deadhead them on a regular basis. Weeds can also detract from the beauty of the other plants and flowers (although we secretly like the pretty flowers that grow accidentally!). Add weeding to your to do list and attack them every week or so to keep on top of things. Plant things which do not take too much time such as long grasses and hebes. You could even put down a plastic membrane and cover with bark chippings or similar, in order to reduce the likelihood of weeds.


  • Flower and plant pots


An injection of color certainly adds to a healthy appearance, but they can take a lot of work. Instead of planting loads in your garden, put them in pots. As soon as one dies, simply remove the whole thing until you have time to plant something else. Choose bright pots too as they will stand out. 


  • Look after your lawn


Luscious green grass could be the envy of all your neighbors. There is something very special about looking out across your garden and seeing a healthy lawn. When the hot months come, try to water it every now and then if it is getting dry. Avoid doing this in the midday sun. As for mowing, try to do this late afternoon or early evening. If it seems like too much hard work for you, because we are not all blessed with time, effort or ability, you could engage the services of professionals, such as Lawnstarter. A healthy-looking lawn is a real possibility for everyone. 


  • Choose wisely


When deciding the types of plants you would like to have on show in your garden, it is best to plan and do your research. Ensuring that the ones you choose are right for the type of soil you have is vital. Furthermore, if the area in which you live has little rain for several months of the year, drought-resistant plants would be your best option. 


  • Ban the bugs


Little critters attacking your plants can lead to a quick end for some of them. Disease too can cause an unsightly mess. It is best to keep an eye on everything you plant for these reasons. Although you may wish to avoid the use of chemicals to keep garden pests away, there are natural methods, which have been tried and tests. These seem to be improving all the time. Alternatively, try to incorporate some plants which deter bugs themselves. 



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