Finding the Positive in A Negative Situation #Inspiration

Finding the Positive in A Negative Situation #Inspiration 1

Where or where do I begin? You know the saying “When it rains, it pours.”?

Well I think it’s flooding in our house right now. To say the least, I’ve not been able to be as active as I normally am. Nathan’s recovery from surgery was harder than we were prepared for. Lucas is now wearing bifocals (so long as we keep them on the little turkey) We need his lazy eye to strengthen in ten weeks or we are preparing for a surgery yet again but this wouldn’t be one near home, we’d be traveling to Iowa City or Omaha.

toddler in glasses

This week, our family took a bigger hit that we definitely were not expecting or prepared for.

Despite being a Marine Veteran and a very motivated, hard working and efficient welder, Brian was laid off. /BangingHead

While he continues the search for a new position, I’m trying to find new ways to help our family. I’m working on trying to budget tighter, couponing, networking, and more. Before all of this, I was lucky enough to join Gypsy’s Alley here in town as a vendor. As someone who has struggled to find “purpose” with my health conditions and some of those getting worse (That’s a whole OTHER blog post in itself), I’ve found a way to make myself feel like I’m contributing and also doing something that is rewarding.

I’ve been “Junking” and going to thrift stores/garage sales and randomly looking for items to re-sell. I’ve also been finding inspiration from Pinterest┬áto get creative and create for the store. It’s giving me a way to have purpose but also find enjoyment in creating.

Long-term goals

While things can be worrisome right now with the layoff, it’s making me re-think things. At the beginning of the year, I created a dream board, writing goals and things I want to accomplish in 2015. Today when seeing the above quote in an e-mail, it just made sense.

Things might be tough now but we’re still going. This will be a year of accomplishments. I am growing MommyJenna. I am working deeper in social media. I’m going out of my comfort zone to get strangers to try out Perfectly Posh.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. While no one wants a lay off. We will find a way. Find the positive in a bad situation



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