Fighting to keep our Twins Together Continues.

Identical twin boys MommyJenna

Nathan and Lucas have come such a long way since starting HeadStart. Unfortunately, we are not where we need to be for entering Kindergarten next year. In 2014 I wrote Fighting to Keep Our Twins together in School. While I wish I could say that the school has taken all the information we gave them then and now, they haven’t.

This school district is the only we can find in the area that is die-hard set on separating twins, no matter what research we bring, backup from medical service providers, and more. We’ve contacted other schools, we’ve talked to other parents, other educators. No matter what we have, the Nevada School district does not care.

This study from the University of Toledo is one of many. Separating twins before they want to be is more detrimental than beneficial.

The twins do not want to be separated.

I am asking you to support our petition for parents to have a right to input. This isn’t just about my sons. I won’t give up.

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