FedEx Delivery Drivers OK not doing their jobs?

Today I have had to experience some of the worst customer service in a LONG time. And for it to come from a company like FedEx, well it’s just getting annoying. I’ve had a package delivered to someone across town and not myself, and I’ve had someone claim they attempted delivery when they did not. This is the worst time something like this has happened.

After reviewing e-mails, I realized I package I was to receive yesterday never arrived. We were home all day. Our postal carrier came. Our UPS guy came. So I sent the company an e-mail just to see if they had a tracking number on the package.

Your package is “in transit” – was scheduled to be delivered but message states customer was not available or business closed. This is your tracking number: ——————

Is it sad that knowing that message, I KNEW it was a FedEx delivery? So sure enough I see the time the “attempted” delivery took place. We were home. The funny thing? It was within the same 15 minutes that our mail man was making a delivery. There’s no doortag left in our front hall. Nothing. NO ONE CAME TO OUR APARTMENT FROM FEDEX.

fedexbanSo this morning, I called. “Well the package will be out for deliveries for 3 business days.” Ok well, that’s not my problem folks. When I am AT my residence and someone says they attempted to deliver something. Yeah, you can’t exactly miss it. We have an annoying security buzzer. This thing can induce my migraines. I know the package will get here sooner or later, my problem is the continuous lack of concern FedEx has.

My annoying buzzer goes off this afternoon. And yes, this FedEx driver must enjoy holding the thing down even after I’ve hit the door for her to get into our building. When I open the door to see it is her, I grab the package and shut the door. Little did I know the reason why she had a grin on her face.

With the cold weather coming, today has been a pretty nice day. So about 15 minutes after the package arrived, I decided to head outside with Aubrey. I open the door and There is a DOORTAG on my door. Those lovely things you get when you miss a package? This FedEx employee thought it would be okay to hang the doortag she WOULD HAVE hung yesterday if we hadn’t been here. Oh wait, that’s right. We were here. She never came.

Back inside I come to call the 1-800 number back. He says he’ll forward my “concern”. Yeah right. I tell him I’m sick of this becoming a continuous pattern with THIS driver and I want to know what’s going to be done about it. “Well you did get your package, didn’t you?”

That’s not the problem anymore FedEx. It’s the fact that this has become an ongoing problem and the fact a doortag was hung up AFTER making the delivery. Looks to me like someone’s trying to cover her ass. Except she just scribbled on the tag quick. Since she was supposed to deliver Monday, will she really wait til NEXT MONDAY to try delivery again? Yeah, you got the doortag wrong too there hun.

Now, I’ve had a FedEx individual contact me on good ole Twitter. He asks for my tracking number. I get a response of “I’m glad to see your package was delivered. Is there anything I can help you with?” Um yeah, getting rid of the morons in this company that think it’s ok as long as the package gets there.

After saying my issues is not with the package being delivered its the lack of customer service and the fact we’re acting like it’s okay for this woman to be deceitful with her job. How many packages have never showed up for other individuals?

I’m sorry about what happened, but I’m glad to hear that you got your package. I hope that you give us the opportunity to better assist you again.

Warmest regards,


Yeah sorry. I’m still not happy. FedEx, I’m so glad I love my UPS Driver.

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  1. That is just insane! Once I had a UPS guy not be able to find my package in his truck and told me what was going on, and he delivered it the next day. But that’s nothing compared to what Fedex is doing to you. I’d find out the address it’s going to and go talk to them. 🙂

  2. This is sad for “Al” to be this damn blind. Seriously. I love all of my delivery drivers. It sounds like the grumpy delivery lady needs a swift kick in the ass by a UPS driver. 😀

    1. Tanya, I LOVE my UPS guy. He’s awesome to me and the girls. FedEx? The same driver never comes twice in a row. I had a friend that actually used to deliver to our house. Now? who knows. But this is not appropriate behavior and as I hear from more individuals, I’m not the only one that has had problems with FedEx in the Ames area.

  3. So sorry this has happened to you! My FedEx guy is pretty cool and I love my UPS guy too! I hope you get better customer service in the future!

  4. We too have problems with our FedEx guy, he must be dyslexic or something. If I don’t get a package that says it has been delivered, I call the lady up the street and go get my package and then call FedEx to complain but they don’t seem to care. I too love my UPS man!! Hubby says that he is my boyfriend because he is here so much. lol

  5. I had this problem with the post office. I was waiting for a very expensive package and I had to sign for it. I heard her pull to the mail box I ran to the door she was gone. I flew up to the post office she swears she stopped and honked. pfft whatever I know better she has never messed my mail up again hah. I hope things get worked out for ya.

  6. My Fedex people are dumb too. They never even bother to knock. They literally drop the package at the door and leave. I’m home all day and have no idea a package is sitting right outside the door. That happened today, in fact. UPS guy came by, and I opened the door for him, and there was a package sitting there.

  7. Sounds like someone needs a smile slapped off of her face.

    What a crock!

    Once we had a woman fed ex driver and she would pull in the drive way and honk her horn. Do you think I went out there to get my package? NOPE! I stuck my head out the door and said “I’m here” and then I went right back inside to wait for my package.

    I also giggled when she was walking back to her truck. (Made sure she heard too!)

    She didn’t last long.

  8. Our FedEx drivers are the most unfriendly guys. They leave a door tag and the package. The door tag says the package is at my front door. It gets stuck to my front door. You think I can’t look down and see a package? The one who delivers late in the evening in the Penske truck for Fed Ex here is the worst as far as friendliness. UPS definitely wins hands down for customer service.

    Oh yeah, and like Trisha, I’m home all day most days, and the FedEx guys NEVER knock. I hear the truck pull up if I’m in the living room, and they get a pissy look on their faces if I open the door as they walk up like how dare they have to deal with a real live person. If I have a FedEx package, I watch for it when I know it’s coming otherwise it’ll sit there until I find it.

  9. Wow that’s crazy. I’ve had decent luck with my delivery drivers so I’m thankful for that. Sorry to hear about all that mess though.

  10. I’ve never had a problem with Fedex, but I don’t get too many deliveries from them. We live in a rural area, and it seems the only things we get come from UPS. Our UPS driver is WONDERFUL. We live in a very small town, so its the kind of town where we just leave our doors unlocked, etc.

    Our UPS driver leaves packages on our back porch. We have never had any problem with them not delivering something. We have a certain package that comes once a month and needs to be signed for. Since we are not home during the day, he has our neighbor lady sign for it. Without us even asking. We’re SPOILED!

  11. the only advice I can give you, is some you won’t like. the delivery gal has the power. chances of Fed Ex doing something about it? SLIM. so you need to make nice with the driver somehow, and in turn it will make (hopefully) her feel bad for not giving you your goods.

    I had to do that with a UPS man at a work place one time. It worked like a CHARM. too bad it is harder to charm women!

  12. This sounds like My damn mail lady! OMG this lady gets on my nerves so bad she will not bring a package to my door to save her life she will blow one or 2 times and if we are not right out there she leaves!!

  13. The fact that the company chooses to ignore the problem is just ridiculous! It seems to as though the overall response is…well at least you got it at some point, who cares when? Which is just a pathetic attitude for them to have.

  14. I wish all packages could be delivered by UPS and all letters by the U.S. Postal Mail. I agree about Fed Ex. I don’t know if it’s a geographical problem (problem in only certain locations of the country), or just a mind set delivery personnel in that company have.

  15. I have had something similar happen except they did leave a tag…but I was home all day!! I was purposely listening for them all day long. When I went out to get the mail later I found the tag.

    Another time a package had been delivered to my neighbors house – yet the tracking information showed it was delivered to MY HOUSE. Check the addresses people!

    I feel your pain. It sounds like your Fed Ex person just doesn’t want to bother herself with the gate or something. I would be so mad too!

  16. Had a similar experience with a UPS driver several years ago. I was one flight of stairs up, and had a heavy package. I was sitting on the couch right by the front door. No knock, no bell, but I thought I heard something so I got up to check. In time to see the driver pulling away and find the tag on my door. Lazy driver didn’t feel like hauling my box up. But, when I called UPS and told them what happened, they had the driver come back with my package. THAT’s why I like UPS.

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