Falling Victim to Crime

<h3>Falling Victim to Crime</h3> 1

Crime truly happens everywhere. No matter if you live in a big city or small town, crime will always happen. Today before getting ready to get Kelsie, Steven went out to mess with my car door. It’s an older car and well, it’s got it’s quirks. As soon as he got outside, I got a text “Get out here now”. My car glove box wide open and Steven’s iPod gone.

Our police officer told us we were the fourth car reported broken into. I’m irritated knowing that our car, just feet away from our apartment door-was violated. I suppose that I should be happy our family is safe. We have heard of houses being broken into in our town. We have been using a Lifeshield Security system for a review to share with all of you that I will be writing about in the near future. It is protecting us in our home making it easier to sleep at night without the worry but knowing someone was in our car is gut-wrenching. The timing just seems so weird to me.

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  1. Hey my parents car got broke into once, but the mid 50ish woman that broke into got caught. Want to know why she got caught? Because she was high or drunk when she broke into and fell asleep in it. We didn’t wake her up, we just called the cops. They came and found her with a couple of things in her pockets that she’d taken out of the glove compartment. The cops gave the items back to my parents while they dragged her sleepy-eyed self off to jail.
    Don’t know where she came from or why.
    My mom speculated that she’d probably done a trick for someone somewhere and they got tired of her and threw her out of their car. She figured she didn’t have any cash to call a cab and broke into the car to get out of the cold and to also look for money to get a ride home.
    My mom disinfected the car but good after the cops left, and unfortunately we had to leave the windows cracked all day to get her strong perfume odor out of the car.
    The car was right in my parents drive-way in a good neighborhood too.

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