How to Extend the Life of Your Eyeglasses

How to Extend the Life of Your Eyeglasses 1

Finding the right frames for your face is an important task. You take into account your personal style, your face shape and the functionality of the eyeglasses. Once you find the perfect pair of women’s glasses, you should take great care to maintain them so they will serve you well. Keeping your eyewear in great shape is easy to do if you follow a few simple steps.

1.Proper Storage

A rookie mistake is to throw your glasses in a purse or drawer when you are not wearing them. This leaves them susceptible to breaking, bending and scratching. Instead, purchase a case that will protect your frames from damage. There are a number of cases available, from old-school pouches to sleek styles with fashionable prints.

If you are setting your glasses aside without a case, take care not to put them facedown on a surface. This can easily scratch the lenses. Instead, rest them on their backs in a safe place.

2.Clean Them Properly

Despite what you see on TV or in the movies, do not breathe hot air on your eyewear lenses and then wipe them when your shirt. Instead, when cleaning your women’s glasses, follow these steps:

  • Rinse them with water before you clean them to remove any dirt or small particles
  • If you use chemicals, use a spray or other cleanser specifically tailored for eyeglasses
  • Allow your lenses to air dry
  • When in a rush use a microfiber cloth to dry eyewear

Avoid paper towels, clothing or other cloths, as they can have textured surfaces that scratch your lenses. You should wash your glasses at least once a day to keep them in good condition, though depending on your work or lifestyle, you may need to clean them more often.

3.Hold Them Correctly

When you pick up your glasses, grip them by the bridge between the lenses. Otherwise, you can risk bending the frame, which means they will not only look funny on your face but they may also be uncomfortable.

4.Around Children

Young children and especially babies are fascinated with glasses. They will grab them, play with them and try to put them on their own faces. This can quickly result in frames that are bent out of shape, dirty or even broken. Do your best to store your spectacles where children cannot reach them. If a child does get a hold of them, slowly and gently pry them loose. Quick movements can snap your delicate frames.

When you purchase a pair of women’s glasses, check with the provider to see what kinds of maintenance items they offer. Chances are they also sell cases or cleansers that can help you keep your glasses in good shape. It is a good idea to ask about their repair policy in the event that something does happen. However, you can do your part by storing your frames properly when they are not in use. Take care to properly clean your glasses at least once a day and using a microfiber cloth. Lastly, be careful around young children who may mistake your glasses for a toy. Taking these steps can help extend the life of your frames.

Article written by Jen Blair of the Sprightly Shopper, Follow her on twitter @sprightlyshopr

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