Explore your Family history with AncestryDNA Summer Sale

Explore your Family history with AncestryDNA Summer Sale 1

I have always been known as the “researcher” of my family and can always find resources or information when asked. Recently, I started digging further into our family tree and geneology to learn about our family history. This week, I just sent in my own AncestryDNA test in hopes to link up further with family and it’s been fascinating learning.

I don’t have the personal knowledge of my paternal side so I’ve wanted to find out more. On my maternal side, our family is huge so seeing how we branch out is fascinating. We have traced stories back to the 1700s on some of our family members and it’s amazing to see photos that look like current day family. While I know it will take several weeks before my DNA links are done and uploaded, we’ve already been discussing other family members taking to see as well where we connect.

Strong Women in family history AncestryDNAExplore your Family history with AncestryDNA Summer Sale 2

The AncestryDNA test that I sent in is normally $99 but from now until August 17th, you can take advantage of their Summer Sale and grab the same for just $59. I’m excited to see where my ancestors originated. We do know I have a younger sister somewhere and who knows, maybe this will be how we connect and find her.

Jenna shares her personal AncestryDNA Kit page while researching family history.

Have you dug further in to your family history and geneology? Have you found any long lost relatives or discovered a famous relative? Let me know in the comments!

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