Enough of Charlie Sheen already.

Enough of Charlie Sheen already. 1

Enough of Charlie Sheen already. 2You would have to be living under a rock to not have heard all of the latest drama surrounding Charlie Sheen. It is everywhere you look. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve had enough of it already. He’s continuing to make a fool of himself and unapologetic for his actions. He thinks he has done no wrong.

Charlie Sheen, you are a father. Your children will see and know all of this and know, they will not think “My dad is full of knowledge” like you seem to play it off as.

At this point, if Two and a Half Men was to somehow come back on the air, I could not bring myself to watch it any longer. He has been enabled long enough and while he blames CBS for his lack of income currently and that he’s “out of a job”, he needs to step back and look in the mirror. You are not a “rock star”, you are a fool. Someone needs to step in and do something about it before he does even more damage.

Charlie Sheen’s publicist, Stan Rosenfield, has finally given up. There is no longer anyone to be in charge of damage control. It’s just not happening. People need to stop enabling him.

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  1. I have to say I laughed as I listened to a audio clip of an interview he did sometime sin the last couple days on the radio today. But the truth is it is just sad. Charlie Sheen is clearly in the grips of addiction, despite his claims to be high only on “charlie sheen” and he will likely not change until he hits his rock bottom. ANd with people around him seeming to not be helping at all, it could take awhile for that to happen and he will have lost a LOT. However as someone who’s dealt with addiction in loved ones, everything he’s doing right now is his addiction, its not him. It doesn’t change who he is. He’s a talented actor. He’s just making bad choices because he’s not in control of himself. Obviously its a matter of personal choice, but if he gets it together enough to begin filming again, I will be tuning in. Until then, I’m hoping for the best for him.

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