Earn Money while Spring Cleaning

Earn Money while Spring Cleaning 1

Spring Cleaning has begun for many of us which creates the main question, “What do I do with all this stuff?” When you have a family, your house quickly can fill with toys, clothing that no longer fits little ones, old furniture you plan to replace, we all know the list could go on. As you start cleaning, it’s easy to turn those things laying around into cash.


When you prepare to spring clean, it’s easy to create a game plan for getting through your house without going into overload.

Children’s clothing is probably one of the biggest clutters in the house. Kids grow fast and you are constantly changing sizes and buying more clothes.

Create three boxes:

Items to Keep I am the person that likes to look at clearance racks and buy ahead. When going through kids’ closets, it’s easy to find the clothing that still fits, you want to save for younger siblings, or the clothing that will fit for seasons ahead. These items can be stored in containers or separated in the closet.

Items to Sell The pants you bought last winter are highly unlikely to fit your child again. A great way to earn money back for your kids clothing is to re-sell. Look for the name-brand items or special outfits you know normally cost a decent amount when purchased regular price (Coats, shoes, Easter dresses, etc.) that you know could return a fair amount in good condition. From consignment sales to listing online, there are ample ways to make a few bucks back on your children’s clothing.

Items to Donate Sometimes, we just don’t have the time to deal with pricing items and want to know items will go to a good use. Clothing can be donated to shelters, pregnancy centers, and various organizations you can easily find throughout your community.

Another clutter in your house can probably be found in your living room. The main area your family is in throughout the days can easily become filled with books, mail, and of course, all those video games and movies. While we have a huge collection of movies, I could easily go through and probably find movies I haven’t actually watched in years.

The best way to make money when it comes to movies, CDs, and games is buy selling online. You can check a variety of websites such as musicMagpie, where you can easily enter the barcode and find out how much money you can earn through them! With how often we are looking at New Releases, this is a great way to make room for those new movies.

What are you plans for Spring Cleaning?

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  1. This is JUST what I need. I keep saying Im going to spring clean and get rid of all the extra stuff. Extra cash is always a nice incentive!

  2. I do a similar thing when I’m getting ready for spring. Right now my donation pile is in the guest room and overtaking things, I need to load it in the truck and get it taken care of.

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