Earn Cash Back Rewards with these Mobile Apps

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When it comes to shopping for a crazy busy family, I always do what I can to check deals to save money when shopping. This list includes different apps I have downloaded to earn cash back rewards, rebates, and more!

Receipt Hog. Anytime you shop, that receipt can earn you money! I have used this regularly and have spread the word so family members use it as well. Sign up at https://app.receipthog.com/r/frod1998 and with my code, we both earn extra coins to redeem!

iBotta. I have LOVED iBotta and have even changed my planned shopping list to take advantage of rebates for new products our family might like. I love checking for any deals before heading to the store and it’s very easy to earn enough for cash out fast. Just use my referral code “fvahw” at registration

Fetch Rewards. This is one of the newer apps I’ve added to my phone after several friends asked me what I thought of it. Like Receipt Hog, you scan receipts for points. You quickly can see what you can get “bonus rewards”. It might be that I’m newer to it but I still have been able to earn gift cards from Fetch Rewards. Sign up for Fetch with my code “K8FVP” and get 2,000 points when you snap your first receipt!

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more on apps I have discovered and how they help in saving money, getting organized, and more.

Do you have a must-have app for when shopping? Leave a comment!

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