Dressing the Coolest Baby in Town – On a Budget!

Ok, so babies don’t care what they wear – fact. As long as they are warm enough and comfy enough then that’s all that matters to them. However, that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t get pleasure from dressing your baby in the latest trends, and when you shop for baby grows at George at ASDA you don’t need to pay designer prices!

Here’s what’s new – at tiny prices – at George at ASDA:

Guitar Print Cotton Romper £5

The difference between baby grows and romper suits are that rompers don’t have covered feet, which makes them ideal for the warmer months. This adorable grey romper features a smart polo shirt colour and flashes of on-trend fluoro. Perfect for your tiny little rockstar in the making!

2 Pack Pirate Skull Bodysuits £5

These super smart bodysuits are nice enough to be worn with just a pair of shorts, keeping baby nice and cool (in both senses of the word!) through summer. With polo necks, fluoro and stripes, this 2 pack ticks all the new trend boxes!

Dobby Dress with Integrated Bodysuit £8

For little girls, there’s a trend for a look of yesteryear. Dress your little Edith or Pearl in this vintage style Dobby Dress with beautiful embroidered detailing. It’s good enough to wear for all those summer occasions, but won’t break the bank at just £8.

Floral Sleepsuit and Bib Set £5

You’re likely to get through a lot of baby grows in babies first year – the NHS estimates at least 6 for just the first few weeks! You won’t want to spend a fortune on baby grows for nighttime wear, and you can pick up cute 2 packs for £5 at ASDA, but for daytime wear you’ll want something a bit more special.

Of course, special doesn’t have to mean expensive and the adorable Floral Sleepsuit and Bib Set at George features bright fluorescent pink blooms, and an on trend neckerchief style bib, for just £5. Baby grows are a trendy and comfy option for daywear that doesn’t cost a small fortune.

The Muppets Bodysuit £5

Your baby might not know who The Muppets are, but you’ll love him in this bright bodysuit with all over Muppet print, bright red hood and sleeves. Perfect for summer days, your little monster is sure to turn heads in this cute all in one. You’ll also find a Kermit all in one romper in green, with adorable Kermit style hood – with eyes!

Skull Print Shirt Bodysuit £6

While you want your baby to look trendy, you also want them to be comfortable, and there’s nothing worse than seeing a baby all trussed up in stiff shirts. Get the best of both worlds with a shirt/bodysuit – a comfy bodysuit that’s cunningly disguised as a shirt! The Skull Print Shirt Bodysuit is a super cool buy for little boys!


When you shop at George you can dress your baby to impress, in all the latest trends, without forking out eye-watering designer prices. Just don’t expect your baby to care!

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  1. Cute cute cute!! And yes, baby/children’s clothes can get so expensive!! Especially when they grow so fast!

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