One child means a lot of spendings. While two kids at the same time mean double the expenses too! Everything from diapers and toys to clothing costs twice and that can make every parent worry a lot. But today I am going to share some great tips how to afford clothing for those two bunches of joys. It is all great and easy to use!

Twins and Mommy

Visit local garage sales

I bet there are some neighbors who just had a baby and who have a lot of clothing which they don’t use right now. And they are soon going to throw a garage sale. So you should definitely make a stop there with your twins! At those garage sales, everything is much cheaper. And so you can some great clothing for your children. Take a look at your local ads and start going through it. In fact, you can find a lot of great stuff, not only clothing, which you can use to make your life with twins much easier.

Ask for it

Babies tend to grow pretty fast and they do need new clothing pretty soon. I think that your friends already have a lot bigger babies than yours and have a huge bunch of clothing that they are probably never going to use again! So logically you can come to them and gently ask for it! Who knows maybe they will gift it to you or you can buy it for a symbolic amount of money.

There is another aspect of asking for it. You can ask your friends and relatives to gift it. Especially since there might be babies meeting parties and other occasions there people tend to bring gifts with them. So gently mention that you need clothing too, and I can guarantee that you will get a nice collection of essentials for sure.

Use coupons

You can definitely save a lot of money while purchasing brand new clothing for babies if you use at least some coupons! For instance, these Kohl’s coupons from will surely help you save a lot of money just with a few clicks online. And this is just one example of stores you can shop at with it. There are many other department stores or even specialized kids’ stores that offer online or offline coupons. Just know the best place to get it all and enjoy shopping!

Shop during sales and offseason

You can also save a lot of money then you shop during sales and clearances in the special kids’ stores or simple department stores. And usually those sales are the best to visit then it is end-of-the-season sales. During it you can shop for the clothing your twins can wear the next coming season. But I would not recommend that since babies can grow out of it pretty quickly and you just cannot predict that. Or you can shop for clothing your babies can wear right now. It is going to be much cheaper and so this is what you were looking for in the first place!

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