Does your Family get the Flu Shot?

Does your Family get the Flu Shot? 1

More and more, I think we’ve all heard the controversy both ways when it comes to vaccinating our children. While my children get all of their regular well-child vaccines (some delayed so they aren’t in overload), I have found myself questioning more and more some of the “yearly vaccines”.

I used to regularly get flu shots as I was told how important it was for me to do so being someone that suffers from asthma. I can tell you, I always was sick as a dog shortly after getting vaccinated. (And from the nurse I spoke with yesterday, yes, YOU CAN get sick after the flu shot, just like any other vaccine)

Two years ago, everyone but my husband had the flu shot (he is allergic to a preservative and can not have either form). Sure enough, Kelsie, Aubrey, and myself all ended up HORRIBLY sick that year. High fevers, weak, everything. While I didn’t take us to the doctor at that point, it was pretty obvious we hadn’t been protected.

Last year, I chose not to do flu vaccines. My immune system was a bit weaker considering I was pregnant with the boys but it was just your typical cold season illnesses. At one point, I did have to go to have a nebulizer treatment but, because of a deviated septum, I instantly turn to sinus infections when I fall ill and I ended up just blah. After the boys were born, I did decide to do the whooping cough vaccine.

Both boys received the Synagis vaccine last year, something that is considered a must for high-risk children in preventing RSV.

Yesterday at Aubrey’s 4 year checkup, it was popped on me to vaccinate all with the flu shot. I wasn’t prepared for such since it wasn’t the boys appointments and even with hesitation, the nurse drew up flu injections for the twins. We finally said we weren’t comfortable with it yet and didn’t have enough information about preemies and the flu vaccine. I posted to Facebook and was kind of shocked to see more no’s than yes’.

I find myself wanting to research more and more before I make more decisions when it comes to vaccinating my children with “PRN vaccines”.

Do your children receive the flu vaccine? Do you?

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