Dear Pizza Ranch

This is the email I sent to Pizza Ranch after the ridiculous experience we had this evening.

Today we have had one of the worst food experiences ever. After waiting an hour for the food we ordered, we shut our door to realize we had been delivered the completely wrong order. It was too late by the time my husband got out to our apartment parking lot.

He instantly called the Ames Pizza Ranch store to tell them of the mistake. We were told to hang onto the wrong order and then our food would be “Rushed” to us.

We wait another hour. Mind you, we have a 2 year old waiting for food who in turn had to be given something else for dinner. My husband decides to call into Pizza Ranch again to see where our food is. The same individual we talk to tells us the delivery has left the store and should be on its way-it had left fifteen minutes prior.

We then wait 15 more minutes. The food finally comes. And it is COLD. The Chicken Fries are dry, pizza cold, and cheese sticks are cold as well.

I have never had such an experience that has made me NOT want to eat at a restaurant as badly as I did tonight.

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  1. ugh – what a nightmare, and a hungry two year old is terrifying – I am experiencing one right now as dinner cooks!!

  2. Yup. Hubby had signed the credit card slip and even gave the guy A TIP before he discovered the guy gave the wrong food.

    And nothing was offered. Steven even told them, “We have a child here that was waiting for food and is now going to have something else fixed for her.”

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