Day Six at MomDot’s Christmas Party

Hey all, I’m sorry I missed the past two days-things here are nuts!! This is day six of the MomDot Christmas Party!

Topic: What is your favorite Holiday memory from YOUR childhood?

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My favorite holiday memory is a hard one to choose. My mom and I lived with my grandparents for most of my childhood and they mean so much to me. I remember when I was little watching the Christmas Eve Specials. I know I mentioned them in my Christmas tradition posts but I loved sitting with Grandpa in his big chair and having hot cocoa. I wish I still could!

Another thing I remember is always sneaking to find the Christmas presents (you know you did it too!) My mom would hide them in the crawl space in my grandparents house, out in the back garage, the car trunk. She’d try anything b/c I was a culprit at feeling the box and shaking it even the slightest and saying what it was! Even if I was just throwing out random ideas, my mom couldnt keep a straight face when I got it right LOL! I was an ornery child.

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  1. LOL at least your mom wrapped them. When I got old enough to snoop, I’d just find them and there was no guessing since they weren’t wrapped yet.

  2. LOL, you little snoop! I never wanted to snoop — I was always afraid of being caught and feeling guilty! I loved watching the Christmas specials too!

  3. I love watching the Christmas shows on TV. We make a big deal of them when they air. FUN STUFF!

  4. I never actually found my presents, but I did find the list of things my mom bought.She found out and wrote a note for us to find the next time we peeked at the list:)

  5. I “watered” the tree. About 4 times a day. Well! You had to move things out of the way to get to the tree stand so if I went in from a different angle I got more investigation done!

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