Crib Mobiles and Other Baby “Necessities” That Aren’t So Necessary

Crib Mobiles and Other Baby “Necessities” That Aren't So Necessary 1

If you are about to become a first time mom, chances are, you have a pretty long list of “necessities” to acquire before your baby comes. But, what if some of those things, while handy, are just simply not needed? Wouldn’t you rather spend your money or receive something that’s actually going to be useful and valuable to you and your baby? I know I would!

A Crib Mobile is Nice but Not Necessary

Crib mobiles are a very common accessory for baby. However, while they do have their benefits, a crib mobile can be a waste of money. I received a crib mobile as a gift, and, while it was nice and all, my son wasn’t that interested in it. In fact the only interest he took in it was trying to pull the little animals off the crib mobile. Crib mobiles can be useful, as I said earlier, in that they can help to stimulate a baby’s mind and they can be soothing to some babies.

Does a Crib Mobile Belong On A Crib?

When you think about it, a crib mobile actually doesn’t really belong in a crib. After all, cribs are for sleeping, right? However, for babies who do react to a crib mobile, the mobile can come in quite handy for keeping your baby happy and occupied if the little one wakes up before you do. One of the best places for a crib mobile, in my opinion, is actually the changing table. Changing a diaper or clothing on a baby can be fairly challenging at times, especially when the baby is protesting said change. Turning on a crib mobile will distract a fussy baby, making diaper-changing much easier. Another great place for a crib mobile is on a baby swing or a vibrating chair, if they don’t already have one.

If Not Crib Mobiles, Then What?

I found with my son that a soother, like the ones Fisher-Price makes, was much more useful than a crib mobile. Soothers are basically sound machines, some play soft lullabies, others play soothing sounds like waves crashing or even a heartbeat. My son had two, one that hung on the side of his crib, and one that hung in his play pen. The one on his crib played lullabies and displayed light scenes on the ceiling when the room was dark. For my son who doesn’t like the dark, the lights weren’t stimulating, they were comforting. The other soother also played lullabies but it didn’t display any light scenes, rather it had movable characters on the soother itself that baby could move and play with. If you are wanting a crib mobile because of it’s stimulation benefits, go with a tummy pad, instead. Tummy time is also play time for baby unlike crib time.

Crib Mobiles Aren’t The Only Things Your Baby Can Do Without

There are several other baby items that everyone considers must haves that just really aren’t, well, must haves. Take for example, a wipe warmer. Those things are made for nothing but luxury. Yes, I had one, and, yes, it was gift. Did I use it? When I remembered that it was there, sure. But to be honest, my husband used it more for himself than our baby!! In fact, at one point, the warmer got moved to the bathroom next to the toilet just so the hubby had it handy! However, my son received plenty of cleanings from a cold wipe and he never complained. Crib mobiles aren’t the only thing your baby’s crib can do without. Bumper pads, while cute and great for accessorizing a nursery, are otherwise unnecessary. In fact, they can actually be dangerous. Even the so called “breathable mesh” isn’t so, well, breathable. New pediatric guidelines advise against them, and once your baby is big enough to start pulling himself up, the bumper pads can get in the way.

As you can see, while crib mobiles are nice and can be helpful, for the most part, they are also a waste of money. Most parents want their baby to actually sleep when they put their little one into their crib, and crib mobiles can hinder that. But if it’s the style and accessory factor, you’re after, then, by all means, get a crib mobile. They aren’t harmful, some babies love them, and they are a super-cute addition to a nursery. Plus, like I mention before, if the mobile doesn’t work hanging on the crib, you can always move it to the changing table. So, while crib mobiles are not necessary for the crib, if you’re creative, you can find great use for them in other ways. Just remember, it’s your baby, and nobody knows what works for your baby better than you do.

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  1. My son LOVED his mobile, but it was a stimulant and not a soother. In fact when it broke we had to buy another one. He used his as a toy though. He would lay in the crib for an hour watching it (no joke!). Then when he got bigger he would stand in the crib and try to bat at the toys as they went by. Then he got to the point that he’d try to pull the toys so we had to take it down. That was a sad day for me. He actually had a soother in the crib as well that he continued to play with until we made the crib a bed. Be it good or bad my son loved to be in his crib and to play in it. He’d never call for me in the morning because he was just so happy to play. Of course now that his crib is a bed he still plays, but he gets out to play. :-p

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