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Considering Some Home Improvement In 2019?

Is your living room in desperate need of some revitalization? Are you sick of looking at the same surroundings? If the answer to these questions is yes, then providing your living room with the added zest of life it requires is not as big of a challenge as you may have expected.


A lot of people deter from changing their living room because they think that they will have to embark on a costly redecorating process. However, this is not the case. Instead, merely changing one element in the room can have a massive impact. There are several different choices at your disposal. Therefore, read on to discover the top five changes you can make to your living room to give it an entirely new look…

Invest in some beautiful art glass

Purchase a stunning piece of art glass and place it on the coffee table in the center of your room, or anywhere else where it will become the main attraction. There are some fantastic choices available if you look online. You can pick from a selection of unusual and intriguingly shaped glasses, as well as some intense and beautiful colored glasses too.

Buy a statement designer sofa

In your living room, your sofa is likely to be the main furniture piece and thus one of the first things anybody notices when they enter. By picking a statement designer sofa (one which is unusual and stands out – like a piece of art) you will give your living room an injection of personality. Check out Madbury Road for some great sofa styles, especially if you have a living room that opens to the outdoors. There are some fantastic designer sofas for you to choose from. The antique style sofas with wooden legs are really great for adding vintage character.

Wallpaper one wall in the room

One great way to give an added dimension to your living room is to wallpaper one wall only. This is something which creates a dramatic effect and is considered to be highly fashionable at the moment. Because you are wallpapering one wall only, this presents you with the opportunity to play around with different loud and striking designs. One of the most popular choices is to go for striped wallpaper.

Purchase an oversized wall mirror

Instead of buying another painting or picture for your living room one great idea is to buy a large wall mirror. There are some fantastic designs available which incorporate elaborate and intricately designed frames. Therefore, you can add some art to the wall whilst also being able to check yourself in the mirror!

Add some eye-catching cushions

And finally, buying designer cushions is something which is highly recommended and has a great effect. If you can’t afford a new sofa, then this is an excellent way to spruce up your current one. The great thing about cushions is that they are available in a whole host of different designs and textures and so the choice is endless. You can purchase anything from lime green velvet cushions to British themed cushions containing the Union Jack – the selection truly is that vast.

So there you have it; five different methods that you can use in order to update your living room!

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