Communities Take Root with Edy’s Fruit Bars #communitytakeroot

Communities Take Root with Edy's Fruit Bars #communitytakeroot 1

When it comes to enjoying food in our household, I also like to know that companies we buy from support our community and give back. Recently I learned about Edy’s Fruit Bars and and the Communities Take Root program, a unique program that helps plant fruit trees in communities nationwide.

Edy’s Fruit Bars (Dreyer’s for those of you west of the Rockies) have teamed up with the Fruit Tree Planting Organization to help bring trees and plants to communities that would benefit most from such. This non-profit group’s goal is to help contribute their part to helping world hunger and the effects of global warming with the support of fruitful trees being planted.
Communities Take Root with Edy's Fruit Bars #communitytakeroot 2

The Edy’s Fruit Bars* brand isn’t just committed to real fruit flavor, it is also committed to revitalizing one of our most precious resources: fruit trees. In 2010, Fruit Bars introduced Communities Take Root, an annual program to provide a source of fresh fruit by planting fruit tree orchards in deserving communities throughout the United States. Beginning April 15, Edy’s Fruit Bars is inviting people across the United States to cast their vote to help twenty more communities blossom, one orchard at a time.

By heading over to Communities Take Root, you can do your part in helping pick communities that would benefit from the planting of fruit trees and cast your vote for the best nomination. With the warm weather here, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy Edy’s Fruit Bars yourself! After your vote is logged, you will receive a link to download $1.00 off Edy’s Fruit Bars coupon.

Help Edy’s Fruit Bars give back to communities nationwide with 20 Fruit Orchards to be planted!

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