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Cleaning Up After The Kids Won’t Take Long After Reading This Post

There’s nothing better than watching your kids play. I’m sure that, if you are anything like me, you could do it for hours. Watching them enjoy themselves is a simple way to bring you some joy!

Sure, watching your kids play can be great fun and very rewarding, but the hard bit is still to come – all the tidying up you need to do after them! Kids can be very messy and at times they can make terrible messes, especially if they have been doing something hands-on, such as baking or crafting. Cleaning up all this mess can often be a huge drag!

But it doesn’t have to be so difficult. There are ways you can speed up the cleaning process and even try to minimize all the mess in the first place! Read on to find out what you need to do.

Prepare For Mess

Firstly, the best thing you can do is to try to prepare for any messy situations before they get out of hand. So, if your kids want to bake, it’s a good idea to put an apron on them so that they don’t end up with clothes that are covered in chocolate. Similarly, when you are doing some craft projects, you might want to cover the table and floor with some groundsheets so that you don’t get glue and paint on the furniture or carpet.


Prepare For Bad Smells

If your kids are outside playing sports and being very active, they could be extremely dirty and sweaty by the time they come back inside. Some of those bad smells that they have picked up from outside could linger for quite a while in your home, which could be very unpleasant. Place some home fragrance diffuser machines around the house so that you can start diffusing some nice fragrances throughout your rooms. Strong ones, like citrus and sandalwood, should be able to mask any bad odors.


Give Them Incentives To Do It Themselves

It’s the kids’ mess, so why not get them to tidy up after themselves?! This may end up being a bit of a struggle, and you could end up arguing with them if they refuse, but there is a way you can try and bring them around – you just have to offer some incentives. For instance, if you pay them weekly pocket money then you could threaten to reduce it every time they refuse to clean up. When they realize they might not get as much cash, I’m sure they will start to play ball!


Improve Your Storage Options

To ensure that your kids don’t end up cluttering up your home with all their toys, you should take another look at your storage options. Maybe improving them could help you cut down on all that clutter? Once every toy and belonging has its own home, you’ll find that putting things away gets a lot quicker as well.

Hopefully, you now know everything that you need to speed up cleaning up after the kids!

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