Christmas Exchanges Gone Wrong.

Christmas Exchanges Gone Wrong. 1

I usually love this time of year purely for the fact that I love to find gifts for others. Even with money tight do to my health issues, I still find ways to “pay it forward” if you will.

I’ve belonged to the MomDot forum since well, it began. Every year there’s been something fun, card exchanges, gift exchanges, etc. This year, it was a stocking exchange. It was made very clear that if you signed up and did not follow through, you would be taken off the forum. Everyone was given fair warning NOT to sign up if you weren’t going to follow through.

Names were drawn and picked out. I e-mailed my partner to say, hey we’ve been partnered up.

awesome 🙂

Several conversations continued on, much with one word answers or

Heyo! 🙂 OK! So I’m gonna be making your thinger ASAP…. my husband is being anal about moneys right now and I don’t wanna get kicked off momdot so I’m like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hehe.

Just letting you know 🙂

I said hey fine, I understand money being tight. (I have all the e-mails saved but yeah, posting it all would be a pain in my ass, more than this already has been. I started to get hesitant that anything would ever come but I sucked it up, got delivery confirmation and sent it off. I e-mailed twice about the package being on it’s way as well as since I ordered my postage online-it was sent directly to her e-mail from USPS.

Finally, I got

yea i got it just now 🙂 ill be sending yours out on wed 🙂 needed to get some moneys ;P

Really. Not.even.a.Thank You. I waited the time alloted it would have taken to be received and then I had enough. I outted her on Twitter and also let Trisha know, I was getting a bunch of crap. She was taken off of the forum.

She had whined on Twitter about not receiving packages from other exchanges and the chance for her to play World of Warcraft but yet, she didn’t have money to send an item out. AFTER THE ITEMS were in hand, she still had the balls to say she never expected a package from me.

Osvme on Twitter was put in her place when she didn’t answer me. I was fed up with excuses.

Today, I received a package FROM ME TO ME with New Jersey post on it. Inside I found my stocking, all paint ripped off it and destroyed. And with a lovely letter.

“I am returning the gift you sent me. Since you said you could have given them to your children, I suggest you do that. I had your gift wrapped and boxed ready to be shipped. Then i saw your childish rant on twitter. I am appalled _________” Had I known I was joining a group of childish adults I would’ve looked elsewhere”

It went on.

The best part. Everything had been opened.

Hello Kitty ornament missing
Lotion seal broke
Massage oil seal broke
Chapstick packaging gone, lid was off in box
Stamp Kit, box gone from purchase packaging.
Paint scratched off stocking, just to be thrown away.

Yeah, I’m not giving my child OPEN chapstick that god knows what a person full of dishonesty would do to items she opened and then returned for me to “give to my children” There were other items in the box but that just topped the cake.

Do not sign up for something when you are unable to accept responsibility for your actions.

Thank god I didn’t buy a bunch of World of Warcraft shit I would have wasted money on. Enjoy your $300 dolls. Just don’t hold any conversations with them, your WoW friends might get alarmed.

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  1. Wow! The nerve! I never do exchanges anymore because I always end up getting the crappy partner. Sorry you had such a crappy experience!

  2. Wow! So sorry you had to deal with this. I can definitely understand money being tight but there’s no reason to be rude, crude, or destroy things. {Hugs} Don’t worry-things always have a way of coming back around.

    As for being called a bunch of childish adults…speak for yourself. Childish people do malicious things just to hurt someone else. Get over yourself.

  3. I have participated in several gift exchanges on more than one forum community over the years and I have never had anyone not come through. This is not normal, so I hope it does not scare you away from participating next time.

    Personally, if I knew there was even a chance that limited funds would keep me from fulfilling my end, I would not sign up to participate in a gift exchange. Sorry this put a damper on your holiday. 🙁

  4. I am so sorry, Jenna. You always make such thoughtful gifts, I’ve been on the receiving end. ((HUGS))

  5. I am so sorry this happened to you! That was completely rude, childish, and mean-spirited. I hope she gets nothing but coal… and even that might be more than is warranted since diamonds come from coal.

  6. How freaking RUDE. I am so sorry this happened. Jenna you are amazing, don’t let that get you down. Love ya!

  7. Damn seriously, I hate when that happens especially at Christmas! I didn’t know that girl on momdot at all, I hope any exchanged in the future are done with established members!

    Sorry Jenna, thats unfair I am pissed off for you!

  8. That’s awful!! I knew I couldn’t commit to a stocking exchange this year so I did the RIGHT thing and DIDN’T SIGN UP.

  9. That is beyond ridiculous AND beyond childish and immature. I’m glad she’s not on MomDot anymore – I don’t want to be friends with someone like that (and honestly, I consider everyone on MomDot a friend – we’re a nice small, tight community)

  10. Jenna, I am so sorry this happened to you. How completely unfair. You deserved more!! Ugh!!

  11. I am speechless. Though if you do get tempted to buy WoW shit I will gladly keep it and not send it back 😉 Karma is a bitch and you have put out good karma unlike others.

  12. just one tiny thing. I play WoW we aren’t all idiots. ALSO this wasn’t me!!!!! hehe. I’m sorry this happened to you! I wasn’t sure I could do it because of money either…as much as I wanted to sign up.

  13. People like that are the reason I stopped participating in online swaps. I always got screwed over or waited eons. not worth it, takes all the fun out of giving and receiving.

  14. oooh…I had a bad feeling about this girl from the very beginning. She was always kinda rude and sounded like she was full of herself. I’m so sorry you got the raw end of the crappy deal. You deserve so much better.

  15. Wow, that is horrible. Sorry you had to deal with this. I have no clue who she even is but from your last sentence I think I remember a post from her on Momdot. She is the childish one.

  16. Oh gosh, that really really sucks. How weird on her part. I had a blogger last year who had me and I had her for an exchange. I sent her stuff and she NEVER said thank you or sent me ANYTHING. I commented on her blog but she just deleted them. So odd! Maybe it is the same person?? I am off to check it out. HUGS hun and you are far better than that crap. Merry Christmas!

  17. Terrible! Jenna I am so sorry you had to go through this. Esp at t a time of year, MOST people are more generous and cheerful. I didn’t sign up for the exchange because I didn’t know about $$ and my health has been wackadoodles too. What really sucks, is she never said thanks to begin with and them returns it all destroyed & dirty.

    some people are takers, and have no morals.

    Holiday hugs, sweetie!

  18. Ugh what a douche. I’m sorry you had to deal with that. I had some slight money issues too but I spoke it out with my partner and I obviously sent mine out too. I (like you) got the same feeling reading the emails that you were going to get the short end of the stick which is not cool at all 🙁

  19. How rude! I definitely hesitate joining those online exchanges for similar reasons. There are better ways of paying it forward, like donating to a church or other group. I hope this doesn’t mess up your Christmas Spirit!

  20. I’m not into exchange things. Did that at a woman’s function thing at church in the past, and it always seemed to lead to hard or sad feelings. Some people were just doing it to flaunt how much money they could spend even though there were spending limits. Others were always trying to give better than someone else gave just so they could say hey did you see the poor gift so and so got.
    It just wasn’t worth it. There was even one person more than hinting what gift she expected to be given.
    Yikes, and these were Christian women. Go figure.
    Never, want to be involved in something like that again.

  21. Some people are just assholes. Nothing you can do about it. Just know that you’re better than that.

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