Chicks N Chickens Lullaby Exercises

Chicks N Chickens Lullaby Exercises 1
When you are a Mom, we all know how busy we stay. So now matter how much you want to try, being a Mom puts some strain on “work-out time” I’ve been a dancer and a cheerleader my entire life so being toned is very important to me.

Chicks-N-Chickens has created a fun workout just for Moms to enjoy working out WITH baby. Lullaby Exercises is a fun and easy set of exercises that Mom can do while holding baby in your arms or in a baby carrier. Being able to hold Aubrey while working out to Lullaby Exercises “Sleep Set” is perfect for that one-on-one cuddle time.

And of course, don’t forget about the “Groove Set”, a fast moving set of routines to get moving and have fun with your little one. Squats, leg stretches-with Lullaby Exercises, you’d be surprised what you really can do while still holding baby. Whether you just had a baby or are far from it, you can modify the exercises in almost any way to work for you. During the sleep set, I did some of them sitting but still could feel my upper body being worked.

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to Chicks-N-Chickens! Whether you’d like this for yourself or that baby shower coming up, Lullaby Exercises is worth checking out. And don’t miss out on the other items they have to offer from wooden teethers, custom jewelry, or hats!

Chicks-N-Chickens is a PlayDate Pick!

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