Change the “Face” of your Home with 3D Wall Panels

Change the “Face” of your Home with 3D Wall Panels 1

Home improvements are generally extremely expensive. You need to turn your house upside down, and get a lot of cash out of your pockets for those beautiful changes. You pay for labor, you pay for the materials, and you spend a lot of time on cleaning up the mess. Well, the good news is that you can give your home an entirely new and brilliant “face” with 3D Wall panels.

What you will need:

  • 3D Wall panels- choose the color and texture that you like the most
  • Special glue for the tiles/panels
  • A lot of patience- but it is worth it because the outcome will be mesmerizing

3D Wall panels are not necessarily only for the walls. Many people actually choose to glue such panels on the front side of their wardrobe doors. This will make your entire bedroom look quite stylish, fresh and very modern. These wall panels represent the most economical and stylish decoration materials. You just need to ensure that you will purchase the panels through an extremely reputable provider, such as through Talissa Decor. You can start browsing among their amazing 3D wall panels gallery

More DIY ideas for home decoration with 3D wall panels

  • Decorating an entire wall in your living room with such 3D wall panels. For example, you could decorate the wall behind your TV stand, and this will immediately add more depth and beauty to your entire room. Add some amazing warm white or blue LED lighting to the contour of the panels, and the result will be simply amazing. The types of 3D Wall panels that you choose can also be used behind your bed in your bedroom, in the hallways along the stairs, or to decorate an entire wall in your kitchen. With a relatively small investment, you can achieve a truly wonderful effect all throughout your home.



  • 3D wall panels look particularly good in narrow spaces. For example, a long and dark hallway will be immediately brightened up if you will add such 3D Wall panels. Combine the modern panels with minimalistic yet stylish lighting and your narrow space becomes a space with added depth, and much more beautiful. Regardless of whether you want to bring improvements to your bedroom, hallway, kitchen, or dining room with 3D wall panels you can achieve an ultra-modern and very stylish effect. These 3D walls are cheap, and they allow you to play around with ideas without making a mess. You do not have to break any walls, but simply fit the panels onto the desired area using special glue. That’s it!



There are different styles and colors of 3D Wall panels available. You can choose the classic wavy style white/grey panels, or go with the more daring orange, red, blue or green panels. Play around with colors and styles and you will easily and quickly redecorate your entire home on a truly affordable budget. Keep in mind to buy top quality panels for maximum durability.

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