CBD Oil: How Long Does It Take for the Effects to Kick In?

Absorption rates have sparked an interesting conversation about the effectiveness of certain CBD products. Understanding how long it takes for CBD products to work will help you decide which variables matter when making a purchase. For individuals that use CBD, there is a big difference between ten minutes and a couple of hours. 

Quality Matters

You can’t assume that all CBD hemp oil is created the same. One brand may give you quick results while another will take hours. This is just another layer of information that is often overlooked when deciding to use CBD products. Branding matters, and it is that consistency that will get you the best results.

Once you find a brand that aligns with your personal needs, then it becomes less of a guessing game on when CBD effects will kick in. This knowledge will carry over into their other products to make it easier when transitioning from different oils, creams and edibles. 

Why Choose Oil Over Edibles?

Oils have a faster absorption rate than edibles when you take them sublingually. By putting the oil under the tongue, you can fast track its effects. This allows it to enter directly into your bloodstream and take effect sooner rather than later. There is a huge difference between entering the bloodstream and going through the digestive system. Think of taking CBD oil sublingually as driving in a straight line rather than moving around multiple obstacles in a circle. 

For some people, avoiding the digestive system is an important part of why they take CBD oil. If you are using it f before a workout, then a faster effect is needed to reap its benefits. For heavy readers, there is also a science behind the bioavailability of the CBD digestion process. You lose a lot of the positive effects of taking CBD when it has to go through a delayed digestion period.  

The Countdown

For first time users, the effects of CBD oil can be felt in as little as ten minutes. Keep in mind this number will go up once you get used to the product. For average users, there should be an expectation of twenty to thirty minutes before the oil takes charge. Changing the amount of oil taken will affect this number, but at some point, you will reach a plateau where the amount taken doesn’t equal more benefits. 

CBD stays in your body for a couple of days. The range is typically two to five days, with every individual having a different tolerance. Since it is stored in the body’s fat cells, BMI plays a role when determining when it will be flushed out of your system. The last variable in determining duration is the method used to ingest CBD. Plan accordingly, especially if you are testing the various effects of a new CBD product. 

The Good Stuff

Knowledge is power when it comes to getting the best CBD effect. CBD oil is one of the few products that lets you customize the strength and duration of its effect. Take advantage of that flexibility and enjoy the great benefits of CBD oil.  

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