Caution:Twins Biting Ahead

Caution:Twins Biting Ahead 1

I’ve always been told that twins have a special bond and are connected. My twins have a special bond….to try and kill each other.

These two are ornery and mean! They rip toys out of each others hands, they grab each others hair.

The newest antic is one that is going to be the death of me.


Nathan and Lucas are biting out of anger towards each other. They have marks up and down their arms, on their legs, even on their backs.


As I Google search for ways to stop twins biting each other, I apparently am not the only Mom of twins in the same panic.

Apparently, this is something I have to primarily wait for them to grow out. We are startling with loud “NO”, we are pulling them away from each other, it’s nuts.

“Bite them back”

Um. Let’s think about this one for a second. They are biting each other. They know it hurts. If they don’t get it from being bit by one another, they’re not going to get it from someone else doing the same.

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  1. usually if they are bit back they stop,they must really sturdy an tough,,lol,,,geez ,,,as a mom of 6 grown an 11 grandkids,that has me stumped,,,mine always stopped once they were bit back,,an knew it hurts,,take pictures of it so if someone sees the bruises on them they dont report it to someone who might not believe they did it to each other,,just to be on the safe side,,ill be praying for you kid

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