Stomach Flu Strikes

Stomach Flu Strikes 2

This past week has not been a fun one. After Aubrey had some tummy issues that she had in the past, immediately upon getting her home from the doctor, Lucas began throwing up. Since then, he and Nathan have both stayed sick, and Aubrey and I have been hit with it. We’ve been told over […]

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Eye Doctor Appts for Twins

Eye Doctor Appts for Twins 4

With both girls seeing eye doctors last month and Kelsie starting to wear glasses, it’s become more obvious to me that the twins, especially Lucas, might have some vision issues. It’s odd that you notice things more prominently after being aware, (just like when you get a new car and EVERYONE on the road has […]

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5 Products You Must Have for Baby

5 Products You Must Have for Baby 8

5 Products You Must Have for Baby Now that I have “mastered” juggling newborn twins and everything that comes with two babies needs at once, there are so many products I have fallen in love with for our family. While some of these products I did not begin using until I had the twins, I […]

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Silly Scrunch Face Baby

Lucas has a new antic that I can’t help but laugh every time. When you say picture or he realizes the camera is on him, he scrunches up his nose and makes the silly face, just like above. My mom said I used to do the same thing when I was his age. Oh those […]

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