3 Benefits of Studying an Online Course

black woman working online with pupils on laptop

The past year and the changes it has brought upon the world has meant that people have rapidly had to adapt to living a life mediated through their computer screens. More and more aspects of everyday life, including studying for school, a college course or a degree will now often be taught online, either in […]

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In Memory of Gary Delbert Hutzel

In Memory of Gary Delbert Hutzel 2

When my Uncle was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer, we knew it would be hard, especially with COVID risks and trying to make sure we could support him in anyway while still keeping him safe. It is with great heartache to say that my Uncle Gary fought as hard as he could but could […]

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When Cancer Strikes Close to Home

When Cancer Strikes Close to Home 4

Over the years, I have watched friends and loved ones fight cancer. It is a devastating disease that I’ve tried to advocate for further research, ways to help and support those fighting and their family. 2020 has been a year full of chaos for many but this punch has hit in a way that has […]

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Getting Your Child Excited for Lessons

hand of crop unrecognizable lady playing electric guitar

We all want what’s best for our children, but sometimes, what’s best for them isn’t exactly what they want, which makes life harder for everyone involved. You may be able to see how much your child would benefit from learning to play an instrument, but if they don’t see it, it will be a challenge […]

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