COVID hits Home

covid-19 positive test MommyJenna

Last year, we did full remote learning, unsure of how COVID-19 might impact some of our family members with pre-existing and high-risk health conditions. At the start of the pandemic, we were lucky enough that somehow when Nick tested positive but no one else in our house got sick. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same […]

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5 Steps to an Amicable Divorce

woman in white dress shirt and black skirt sitting on gray couch

When you say I do at the alter and waltz off on your honeymoon, the thought of divorce will be the last thing that crosses your mind. However, when it’s suggested that 50% of marriages end in divorce, even the strongest of partnerships may come to a breaking point.  If communication has broken down or […]

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What to Do If Your Home Gets Flooded

As a homeowner, one of the worst things you can ever experience is a flood. Floods can be caused by heavy rains, burst pipes, problems with your plumbing or a malfunctioning sump pump. Whatever the cause of the flood, every homeowner should know what to do when such a disaster happens. Doing the right thing […]

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Printable Coloring Pages for Father’s Day

You are My Hero Dad printable

As Father’s Day is approaching quickly, getting creative is always a fun way to celebrate. We have created some easy free printable coloring pages for Father’s Day for your children to enjoy! We had fun creating some simple and easy designs to celebrate our Dad. We hope you enjoy these free printable Father’s Day pages […]

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