I’m Frustrated.

I'm Frustrated. 3

My doctor can’t tell me where all this weight gain is from. There’s other issues going along with it but that’s a whole other bucket of worms. I’m mad. I went once again to the doctor and he flat out told me, “I don’t know”. Yes, I cried. “Are you okay?” NO. He drew more […]

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I’m Fat.

I'm Fat. 4

I have sat here and fought myself whether or not to post this. Sooo many people in my life have given me the “Shut up”, “Whatever”, “I’d do anything to look like you” when I’ve expressed my concerns and I’ve been fighting to get my doctor to understand that something is not right. I am […]

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Stab Me In The Back, Please

Yeah, the needle is bigger than that.

Since about a week before Christmas, I have been in a pain flare-up. I’ve had a constant headache but it keeps wavering back and forth. I got thinking about it and honestly, I need to stop referring to my headaches as migraine as if I tell you I am diagnosed with chronic daily headaches-that probably […]

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The Past Few Weeks

The Past Few Weeks 11

I have dealt with a migraine episode since about a week before Christmas. It sucks. I’ve had to go into Urgent Care to get a shot of Torodal and still fought the pain that quickly goes back to full force.I can’t believe it when I say that I was “sassed” for not taking Vicodin prescribed […]

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Surgery, WTF?

Surgery, WTF? 15

Today I was told I have to have surgery, there are no other options. Despite me saying that surgery is not possible with my life circumstances, this doctor gave me no options, no try a different medicine for the time being to provide some relief…nothing. Yet I’m told we need to open my nose up […]

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