Working Out with Fibromyalgia

Working Out with Fibromyalgia 4

Working out and staying active can be a hard struggle when you have fibromyalgia. Dealing with the pain issues and fatigue, you can quickly find yourself out of shape. Add in being a busy Mom and having twins and things quickly stack against your favor. We live in a small town and fortunately, our town […]

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Headache Flare

Headache Flare 9

I’m in a headache flare. It’s not fun. I’ve had two visits to my doctor already this week. Praying it will just go away on it’s own. I think we’re looking at another visit to neurology soon. Fibromyalgia and invisible illnesses SUCK. I saw something on Facebook though that made perfect sense. “You might not […]

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Fibro Fog Sucks

Fibro Fog Sucks 10

The past few weeks, I’ve been fighting fibromyalgia like no other. Headaches, the “Duh” moments, the body pain. It sucks. I am here. I’m slowly but surely trying to get some awesome posts up for you! I appreciate those that can understand that sometimes, my brain just does not work the way I want it […]

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TENS Unit, how you mock me

TENS Unit, how you mock me 12

Pain sucks. There’s no way around it. Whether you have a high pain tolerance or a paper cut can make you cry, no one enjoys it. After epidurals and SI joint injections didn’t work and I’m at the “Max” for steroid injections currently, the doctor said, “Let’s get you hooked up with a TENS unit.” […]

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The Twin Pregnancy

The Twin Pregnancy 16

Posted by Virgil Burks When I was pregnant with the twins the doctor wanted to be overly cautious. Since I was 37 it was a pretty high-risk pregnancy as it was and the fact that it was two babies made it all the more complicated. He put me on bed rest when I was only […]

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