Caption the Babies Photo #funny

Jenna Goodwin Twins

I have a new phone I have been playing with and of course, my Facebook has been filling up fast with pictures. My cousin Lindsey of Mid-Iowa Computers caught something hilarious in her feed as my pictures were coming through.

Jenna Goodwin Twins

Sure enough, it was the perfect capture and she tagged me-

So this showed up today on my news feed. It’s my cousin’s twin boys. I love how the two pictures came out side by side like that and he is staring at the other one like “hey man, I though you were just over here, wth” hahaha! Too cute!

For fun, we couldn’t help but share and of course ask, how would you caption the photo?

(And of course, can you guess which boy is which yet? :P)


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  1. They are so cute! I remember mine being so little and now they are obnoxious 6 year olds tear It is a very funny capture there!

  2. LOL that’s perfect! They are so freaking adorable, you are going to be beating the girls off with a big stick!

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