Bye Bye Cymbalta

I have continued to fight an awful headache attack since last week. I have been in Urgent Care as well as the ER with how bad the pain has been. My entire head hurts but the most pain starts at the top of my right eyebrow goes through the area where my eyes is and down to below my temple. Sporadically, I have been getting this huge pressure feeling like my head is being pushed from all sides. It’s a horrible feeling.

With that, since the last time I had the Decadron shot to try and stop the headache, my blood pressure has never gone back down. In the six times it has been taken since then the lowest I have seen it was 121/85. One of the times it was 120/100.

While my primary care says my blood pressure isn’t a concern for her, it is a concern for me. It’s a concern to my Grandma. It’s a concern to my Mom. I’m not okay with my ears ringing and my body in panic mode from this crap. I called into my rhuemetologist. They instantly called me back and told me to stop the Cymbalta as it is likely the culprit contributing to my headaches.

So now, we are back to square one. I am to call him back on Monday with how I am doing. The medicine that was supposed to help my pain, gave me new pain. So now we sit and wait to see what happens.

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  1. With the top numbers and bottom numbers on your blood pressure being so close together, it is called a narrowing pulse pressure. It is best if the top and bottom numbers are 30 to 44 points or so apart. You substract the bottom number of the blood pressure (the heart at rest number) from the top number of the blood pressure (the heart at work number) and the difference should be 30 to 44 points difference. Think 120/80 or 120-80=40.
    Narrowing pulse pressures could signal increasing intracranial pressure. Maybe a spinal tap is needed to see your spinal/intracranial fluid pressure, to help determine if there is swelling or fluid on the brain or an overload due to some swelling or pressure somewhere on the spinal cord.
    I don’t know why Doctor’s do not think a narrowing pulse pressure is a problem. If they can’t get to the bottom of it, I’d see a neurologist.

  2. ohh you poor thing. I suffer from migraines and they are EVIL! I dont think people can really grasp how debilitating a headache can actually be. Last year in December I suffered 26 days of headaches out of 31, they never did give me an answer as to why except it was a migraine attack. I do send well wishes and hope you are headache free soon!

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