Bullying-It needs a stop.

Bullying-It needs a stop. 1

Bullying. We all know the word. AND we all need to stand up and fight it. No matter what your age, you know someone who has been bullied, you have been picked on yourself or you are/were the bully.

I am taking a stand against bullies. No matter what the age, this is a face of a person that’s going to make sure bullies know, they are in for a rude awakening.
The next time you want to make jokes about a person or pick on them, remember they are a human being, a sibling, a child, a cousin, and you are hurting each and every person that cares about that person. What makes you so high and mighty to be “Better” than another??

You want to know where the bullies are from when I was in school? They are the ones getting arrested. They are the ones drunk driving. They are the ones who are truly miserable. Money will never buy happiness.

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  1. Jenna you’re so right about bullies being arrested and dealing with the law, not happy…. Ive seen so many people I knew as bullies as a child that are now adults and are not happy, can’t hold a relationship and do drugs/drink etc..

    Actually, with my son being recently a victim of bullying (a 13 year old bully hitting my 10 year old son on the school bus)
    It turns out this bully is dealing with the law!! He has has many run in! Sad part is….he’s 13 years old, so whats that tell us what will be happening when he’s older?!
    I often wonder what the parents of bullies are like? Were they bullies?? Are they stil???

    1. Nicky,
      I’ve actually WITNESSED a bully’s parents at one of my little brothers’ baseball games. My brother pointed out the bully and my mother showed me who his parents were. They were yelling at the kid everytime he missed a ball and so forth. It was crap.

      My kids might not be old enough to be in school and deal with bullies but that doesn’t mean I have to stand by knowing others are fighting this fight.

      1. My word Jenna..I don’t get bullies…I know its all about a power trip and all…but really, when it comes down to it…what the F*%# is it worth?!?!

        Its always a good thing to teach kids early…be nice, don’t say bad words, do unto others how you want to be treated!!

        I don’t think I could deal if my child was a bully!!


        we did for our situation and *knock on wood* its been good so far!(only been a month, but its been good)

  2. So glad you posted this! Not only is it good to get the word out about bullying, but it’s also therapeutic to get it written. My 5 YO is bullied in school because his shoes aren’t like everyone else’s. His didn’t have a cartoon character on them, yet are Stride Rite, nice shoes. I saw this happen one day… to see it happen to my own kid from another 5 YO about shoes – yeah, that’s just wrong.

  3. What a great song and good for you for standing up and speaking out against bullying. I hope it touches some kids (or even parents) out there and they change their ways knowing that there are people out there that will call them out. I hope one day our children can go to school with the only thoughts on their mind being to learn and have fun and bullies will be a thing of the past thanks to those like you who are doing what they can to eradicate it.

  4. What a great song and good for you for taking a stand! It’s people like you who will one day make it so our children can go to school with the only thoughts being about learning and have fun, bullying will be a thing of the past. What a wonderful world that will be!

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