A Brand New Life: Helpful Adjustment Strategies for Overwhelmed New Mothers

A Brand New Life: Helpful Adjustment Strategies for Overwhelmed New Mothers 1

With an average of 353,000 babies born each day worldwide, that means there’s also a lot of new mothers too. No one said motherhood was going to be easy, but many new mothers often find having a baby more difficult and overwhelming than they’d have ever imagined.

Becoming a mom is perhaps the biggest life change you’ll ever experience, with lots of adjustments needing to be made. The whole direction and purpose of your life is likely to completely change, and it’s essential you have some strategies in mind to not only keep your baby healthy but also keep yourself sane and happy too. So, if you’ve just entered motherhood or are expecting to very soon, here are some helpful adjustment strategies to help you feel less overwhelmed by the experience.

Know how to fit a car seat

In the run-up to giving birth, most soon-to-be moms are preoccupied with breastfeeding tips and learning how to change diapers ready for when the time comes. Whilst these things are still important, neglecting to research the exact car seat you need and how to secure it in your vehicle is likely to cause you more stress in the long-run.

All newborns must be placed in a rear-facing car seat with a tight, yet comfortable, harness and chest clip to keep them safe and secure. All car seats will come with installation instructions, so it’s essential you and your partner know how to install it before your baby arrives. Having a large, family-friendly vehicle like the Jeep Compass is likely to make installation a whole lot easier whilst also providing more space for the baby.

Don’t delay breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is perhaps the no.1 method of bonding with your new baby but, for most mothers, they find themselves too concerned about whether the bond will actually happen that they forget basic breastfeeding procedure.

It’s recommended to breastfeed for the first time within an hour of delivery and to nurse your baby whenever they want during the first six weeks. Your body will naturally produce enough milk for your baby’s needs so, if you’re worried you’re not providing enough milk, it’s highly likely you are and have no reason to panic!

Establish a routine

Getting into a routine is not only beneficial for your baby but will also help you stay sane. Try keeping bedtime consistent, and do the same activities every night to help your baby anticipate what will come next.

If they know bedtime is coming, it’s likely they’ll settle down quicker than if bedtime comes as a surprise without any routine whatsoever.

Whilst becoming a new mother is one of the most rewarding experiences any woman will experience, it’s certainly not a walk in the park and it’s totally natural to feel overwhelmed at times. But, by following the above tips and preparing yourself as much as possible, there’s no reason why you can’t have a stress-free introduction to motherhood!

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