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Boogie Wipes Giveaway!

Something I’m sure we all can agree on is how much we HATE it when the little ones get those sniffly noses! Fighting the little ones with those saline drops in the nose and aspirators is always a battle!!!

Julie and Mindee came up with a solution to those battles- Boogie Wipes! They wanted more than just a baby wipe. They came up with a wipe that uses saline as the active ingredient. The wipes are soft and gentle and you don’t have to worry about that precious baby skin getting irritated by any harsh ingredients.

These wipes are alcohol-free and contain Aloe, Vitamin E, and Chamomille to help moisturize whereas running after baby with tissues leaves that little nose raw.

Right now, Boogie Wipes are available at Rite Aid. BUT This fall, expect this awesome product at Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Kroger, Walmart and many more! Don’t wanna wait til then? Head over to Boogie Wipes and take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING on orders until September 1st, 2008!

Now, how about winning your very own gift basket from Boogie Wipes! The girls have sent me a “Boogie Woogie” gift basket for one lucky reader and I’m sure you are going to love it!

  1. Check out Boogie Wipes and then leave me a MEANINGFUL comment (none of that I’d like to win!). Ensure that I have a valid way of contacting you via e-mail. Winner will be selected from random.org and has 48 hours to contact me. If the winner doesn’t contact me within that time or I have no valid way of contacting you, another winner will be selected at random.
  2. For an EXTRA entry, blog about this contest for other readers.
  3. Another entry can be used by following me on Twitter! Username:MommyJenna

Open to US and Canada Mailing Addresses!

This Contest will Run from August 1st, 2008 to August 11, 2008 11:59PM CST


  1. i would love to win one of these because my sons alleries are really bad and thhese would help him so much.


  2. These are great! I would love to win some for my daughters. Aaliyah has bad allergies & asthma so if she gets a cold or flu we have to deal w/the asthma too, so these would help! Thanks for a great giveawaY!

  3. I love Boogie Wipes… We ran through our last bunch like crazy. These are the best things for allergies and colds they work amazing, I’d love to win a basket…

  4. it seems as if lil man always has a cold so I would looooooooove to win this!!!


  5. These sound so great for kids! I really like that they have moisturizers in them, nothing worse then that terrible red dry nose during a cold.

  6. Our family gets colds all the time! I’ve never heard of these, but am anxious to give them a try!

  7. Another one of those, “Why Didn’t I Think of That?!” products! Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. This would be great for us right now. We’re all suffering from allergies and I’m pregnant, so I really want to avoid taking medication. I wonder if these would help.

    Thanks for the giveaway. Before I read your post, I’d never even heard of these.

  9. Well I'm a mom a grandma an Aunt and a homemaker. So my house is where all the kids and babies come when they are sick. These would be wonderful for all the kids plus I frequently keep my grandkids overnight and they are 2 & 4 and I babysit 2 other toddler. Lots of sore runny noses and if one gets they all get and then I get it.

  10. I like the fact that these are # Hypoallergenic and Alcohol Free.
    Alcohol can be so drying.

    It is important to me that these are quick and gentle.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. These are really neat. I read about these in one of the parenting magazines. This would be useful since my son has sinus problems.

  12. My daughter gets a cold so often, this would be great for her. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    planetmisty at gmail dot com

  13. THAT is a genius idea. I have 4 littles and have seen the red-ringed nose far too many times. My oldest even cracks and bleeds. We go through a lot of Kleenex each winter! The younger two don’t know how to blow their noses yet and I’m already dreading seeing their green plugs with red rings. Ewwwww! Gross!


  14. My 19 month old son has allergies and needs his nose wiped often. He prefers to use my clothing to wipe his nose! He hates getting his nose wiped because it hurts his tender little nose. I’d love to try these.

  15. I love gift baskets and this one looks full of useful goodies 🙂 Boogie Wipes sound like a great product for keeping noses clean. I like that they’re made with saline and no harmful chemicals. I look forward to seeing them in stores. *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  16. This is a WONDERFUL product. I have six kids and even though the teenagers are older, they still need these!

    My daughter is in Air Force ROTC in her third year and she does alot of inspections with her drill team, she always needs something like this to make sure she is clean and looks good!

    And the two youngest, well,you know how babies are (CONGRATS By the way…) they always need something, and this would keep my hands clean 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway and the cute, cute basket!

  17. Love the fact that these have Aloe and no alcohol… even though my daughter is older, when she has a cold she can only use so many kleenex before her nose gets dry, red and irritated. These wipes are neat, because they can even take off that dried on, crusty stuff (ewww!) gently so the area doesn’t get irritated. I live near several Rite Aids and when cold season comes, you can bet I am going to search for some of these!

  18. Now that I have two children have twice the boogies. And I’m tired of using the tail of my shirt to wipe noses. (You all know you’ve done it!)

  19. Due to medications I have a weak immune system which means the kids get sick mommy gets sick! I am a germ freak! One of my biggest icks is a runny nose, and these look like they would clean that up in a jiffy without the fuss using toilet paper or alcohol based wipes would cause. I would love love love to win that basket!!

  20. what a great product i am so glad that someone made a wipe that wont irritate of breakdown the skin…I have 5 kids and when one gets sick they all do. We have a lot of red sore noses around our house.

  21. My youngest is prone to all sorts of respiratory conditions and always seems to have something coming out of his nose most of the time.

  22. Oh man! These are awesome!

    My 18 month old usually let’s me clean his nose for a milasecond before he starts screaming and running away.

    These would work WONDERFULLY!

  23. This is great because saline not only doesn’t dry out skin, but it helps break up snot. I think these would be useful not just for babies and toddlers, but for anyone dealing with a recalcitrant runny nose.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  24. Wow these sound Relly great! My son as very sensitive skin and according to the site these are hypoalergenic and safe for all ages, just right fo my lil sensitive boy!


  25. Wow, these sound amazing! We have really bad allergies in our family, and I feel so bad when my little one sits there with his nose completely stuffed up! I love the fact that these use saline, because the only thing sadder than a lil’ boy with a stuffed up nose, is a lil’ boy with a stuffed up RED nose.

  26. I saw these on the Today Show. I know that Walmart carries them however, I’ve been unable to get them. They are always out of stock. I really like the fact that they are hypoallergenic, and have vitamin E and Aloe. A bonus is that they are great for everyone in the household.

  27. These look great! I have 4 little boogies to wipe, and we live in WI so you know how often we get those colds in our noses! Thanks!

  28. Those sound really neat! I have 2 children and am expecting my 3rd – these would definitely get put to good use! Thank you.

  29. “‘Snot Your Average Wipe” – how cute is that slogan? I’m expecting my first baby very shortly and would a chance to try out these wipes (on my baby, not me). It seems like it’s a child’s job to make snot sometimes, and these new wipes sound like just the trick.

  30. These wipes sound like a God send. My baby hates to have her nose wiped (don’t they all?), and she acts like regular wipes burn.

    I followed you on Twitter. @tag156

    tgerner at att dot net

  31. How awesome are these! I have a 5 month old who is teething like crazy. Saline wipes are a great idea. Especially when you seem to be wiping babe’s nose every 2 minutes

  32. This is a product I have never seen before – little kids hate for you to touch their nose – especially when it is sore – so this is a good idea. I’d love to try on my granddaughter!


  33. First of all, their site ROCKS! It’s super easy to navigate and it was fun going through each section! I really love to see Mommy-Owned Businesses do well…And it looks like they are really on their way! I’m gonna have to get some of these for cold and flu season for sure! Thanks for introducing me to a great company!
    Take Care!

  34. Those would be so handy around here. It seems every season is cold season around my family! I feel bad for them and their noses. Thanks for putting such a neat product to my attention!

  35. As I always seem to be using regular old wet wipes to get out those boogies, I’m sure my daughter would love the opportunity to try a new wet wipe to shove up those itty bitty nostrils! 🙂 Ouchy!

  36. This is perfect for my toddler, especially this fall when noses start running all over. The website is set up nicely so that it is easy to navigate. I like the profile on the “Boogie Moms” too. It’s always nice to know where products originated. Thanks!
    cbeargie at yahoo com

  37. I like that these are very versatile and can be used for the whole family, not just baby. I especially love that it’s alcohol free!

    fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

  38. These would be great for my little one. She has inherited her daddy’s allergies and could definitely use something that would be gentle on her little nose!

  39. This sounds like a cool new product. My daughter always hated it when I would wipe her nose and it was a nightmare when she got a cold because of the red sore skin below the nose.


  40. This sounds like a great product and would be very useful. I like that it is gentle and contains moisturizers so that it won;t hurt kids noses and underneath where it tends to get red a lot. Thanks so much for a great giveaway!


  41. Sounds like a big help for little noses.
    Great giveaway! Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

  42. What a great product! What I like about Boogie Wipes is that they are good for sore noses of all ages, not just babies!

  43. I have 4 grandbabies under the age of 3 so I really could use this so much,please add me too,thank you


  44. MY Number#1 Kids Snot Memory:

    I was getting ready to walk out the door for work one day, and I was wearing my last clean outfit. Of course, I was running late. My son woke up, walked right up to me, and proceeded to wipe his nose all the way across the side of my skirt. It was mega pollen season, so one can only imagine the result. Ahh…those toddler memories. I know everyone is thrilled that I shared this. Thanks for the contest.


  45. I LOVE that they are hypoallergenic!!
    I don’t want to expose my munchkin to anything he doesn’t have to be exposed to! Thanks soo much for this!

  46. i like these wipes have Chamomile, Vitamin E and Aloe. this would be perfect not just for babies but also for me! thanks for ths giveaway

  47. I suffer from allergies really bad. These wipes would be a god send for me. Thanks for a really good sweepstakes.

  48. I can really use these. My 3 and 4 year old will both be in preschool this fall. I know that all their colds will now be amplified by 2. Also me 3 year old has severe allergies and goes through tissues like crazy. These would be a godsend in our house.

    Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  49. I wish I had known about these when my son was little, but these will be great on the next one due this winter and our toddler son. What a great idea with the saline in them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. These are great! I love that they are made for the “stuck on” boogies! LOL! Also, loving that they are alchohol free and safe for my little one!

  51. legacyofbrutalitysa{at}gmail.com

    My daughter often gets a stuffy nose, and her poor little nose always turns red, because really the only way to get the crust off is with a wet wipe of some kind. Unfortunately, it tends to be a baby wipe or washcloth, I had no clue these existed! I will be keeping an eye out.

  52. omg that is the coolest thing i have ever seen, i have never seen those before. i have battles with my 4 and 1 year old all the time. that is the best invention. my kids constantly get sick and have runny noses. i would love to have these. where can i get them?

  53. children hate getting there noses wiped because of the dry scratchy kleenix, which sometimes ends of stickying to their nose too. With these they might not fuzz as much. I think if they scented them in scents like grape or bubble gum, kids would then really like to smell them and get nose cleaned in the process. Thank you for your time, effort and energy for putting these contests together for us to win some unique and awesome prizes.


  54. Oh, I think this product is great…hypo-allergenic and alcohol free is great b/c my son’s skin is extremely sensitive. I love this contest plus the fact that the website states where you can purchase their products!!

  55. Wow I have a Riteaid right by me!!
    Will have to check it out!
    I like the fact it Moisturizes with added Chamomile, Vitamin E and Aloe!!!!

  56. Little kids’ runny noses are the worst. They always seem so much more gooey and sticky than everyone elses. This product sounds wonderful for being able to hopefully loosen and wipe away all of that gunk gently.

    michelle at northofthe49 dot com

  57. I have kids with allergies and a CONSTANT supply of snot that needs to be dealt with. PLEASE randomly pick me!

  58. I love the fact that these products are hypoallergenic and contain aloe and vitamin E! My kids all have sensitive skin, so this would be great to have!

  59. Wow! Don't know how I've never heard of these! They look great & seem like they would be perfect for my son's super sensitive nose. Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. Oh how I could use these right now!! Maysen has had a runny nose for the past few weeks, due to allergies I am guessing.. And the poor little guy’s nose is so red and raw from me wiping it every 10 minutes or so. I feel so bad for him! What a great giveaway, I’d love to win these!! Thanks for the chance!

  61. This would make a great gift for a new mom that I know. I love that gentle ingredients like chamomile and aloe are used rather than harmful, harsh chemicals.

  62. Super cute name for a product! I’ve never seen these in stores before but I’ll keep an eye out for them!

  63. Meaningful Comment:

    My DD has found her nostrils and spends much of her day just putting her fingers in them. Mmmmm…just think of all those lovely germs up there. I think we’ll be needing some Boogie Wipes very soon!

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