Best Cake Recipes Using Tea As An Ingredient!

Best Cake Recipes Using Tea As An Ingredient! 1

I’ve always had a passion for recipes that use unusual or off the grid ingredients to give a sideways slant on an otherwise fairly normal offering. It not only gives you something that’s got an unusual taste but can be a real conversation starter when you have guests over, inviting questions and gives you a real unique impression. As we can see from this classic episode from the twins everyone loves eating cake, so lets get started and have a good look at these fantastic recipes!

Fruit Tea-Cake (Of Course!)

It’s the classic tea based cake recipe, as the title suggests, so although it’s very much an old favorite in our house I can’t simply pass up the opportunity to include the classic fruit tea cake. This is a great, rich tasting and versatile type of cake that can be served as a snack, part of afternoon tea or as a fantastic dessert served at dinner time. It’s also a very simple recipe to follow and can have even the kids help to prepare it which is always fun (and messy!).

Green Tea Layer Cake

Something a little more complicated is one of my personal favorites the Green Tea Layer Cake is a lovely soft and, by it’s very nature, creamy and layered. I do like to make one particular adjustment to the ingredients list as my favorite green tea is matcha tea as it’s a much more substantial and creamy version of green tea which really lends itself to being a baking ingredient.

Vegan Green Tea Cup Cakes

These days I’m finding more and more of my friends are turning to the plant based diet of veganism and so when I’m entertaining guests and relatives I’m having to, with increasing regularity, make vegan meals and alternatives. The Vegan Green Tea Cup Cakes are a great and very versatile little cake you can serve up to your vegan friends, in fact you can embellish the recipe with all sorts of toppings and additions such as fruit or as this great recipe shows, some vegan icing can really give the topping what’s needed to really impress.

Chamomile Cake with Salted Honey Buttercream

We usually associate chamomile tea with health and healing properties for pain, skin conditions and helping sleep and relaxation but it’s a great ingredient as well as being good for us. This Chamomile Cake With Salted Honey Buttercream is a gorgeous and luxurious little cake that can fit in to any occasion and we’ve used it on ,many a family occasion where it never fails to impress and it’s even been used as a birthday cake on one particular celebration.

So like with all recipe ideas, I hope we’ve shown that it pays to be a little creative and adapt and adjust the recipes to suit your own tastes and you’ll be able to see that tea is a great addition to give a different little kick to many different cake recipes.

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