Becoming a Smart Shopper: 6 Important Considerations to Make When Choosing Your Next Kitchen Cabinet

Becoming a Smart Shopper: 6 Important Considerations to Make When Choosing Your Next Kitchen Cabinet 1

It’s impossible to have a completely functional kitchen with no cabinets at all. The cabinets are indispensable even in the smallest kitchen as they help to keep your cooking space organized and easy to use. There’s a wide selection of styles and colors of kitchen cabinets available on the market these days and selecting the style can be tricky. Below are some of the most important considerations you should make when choosing your next kitchen cabinet:

1. Think about the style of your kitchen

There are many kitchen styles that are perfect for both modern and traditional kitchens. Think about the style of your kitchen and decide on whether you want to change something about it or leave as it is. If you’re planning on doing any kitchen repair, you should keep it in mind when choosing your next kitchen cabinet.

It’s critical to select cabinets that will match your kitchen’s color scheme. The doors must match your kitchen’s interior, as well. If you have a lot of the available space, you can select the best style. If you have a limited space though, consider kitchen cabinets that provide the space-saving ability. There’s some modern kitchen cabinet technology available today (for example, carousel corner cabinets.) You can hide such cabinets behind your doors, for instance. Selecting the right style for your kitchen is one of the most effective ways to create the most amazing look.

2. Consider new trends in kitchen cabinets

If you’re going to update or redesign your kitchen, think about adding one of the latest trends in kitchen cabinets. Accented backs, adventures in color, multi-colored cabinets, blends of traditional and contemporary, unique organization, and cabinet camouflage are just a few trends to consider. With just one trend, you can breathe an absolutely new life into your kitchen.

If you like everything vintage, you can also use all vertical space to update your old cabinets. In case you’re going to replace your old cabinets, you can choose a customized cabinet organization. Many people choose this option when trying to save their kitchen space. For instance, you can opt for cabinets with vertical dividers or pegs to arrange your pans. Or, you can order hooks on the doors of certain cabinets for better organization.

3. Ensure you select the right design

When it comes to the layout, you can choose from numerous options. The same goes for the colors and styles of cabinet doors. It’s important that you choose the right design. Contemporary, transitional, traditional, and modern cabinets are some of the widely used styles of cabinets. Before you choose the style of your kitchen cabinets though, take your house’s overall style into consideration.

Then, choose your door design. With a host of different door designs, choosing the one for your kitchen may be a real challenge. Remember, doors are going to become the most visible cabinet’s part, which means they could significantly change your kitchen design or style.

The shaker is one of the most popular door styles of cabinets. There are also a wide selection of materials, finishes, and colors. The shaker door style is an ideal choice for both modern and traditional kitchens. If you want a more elegant look of your kitchen, consider adding shaker white kitchen cabinets, which are usually available in a variety of stylish and classic handles.

If you have a modern kitchen, you can opt for handle-less cabinets or flat cabinets for a stylish and slick design. The inset cabinet doors will be a great addition to any kitchen style.

4. Focus on functionality and aesthetics

When you choose kitchen cabinets, you’re more likely to focus on their look and beauty. Functionality also matters, though. You can opt for the most beautiful cabinets by keeping the available space in mind. Instead of shelves, consider adding drawers under your kitchen’s counters.

Ensure that your kitchen cabinets are totally functional. When selecting kitchen cabinet types, you need to consider the kind of items and products you’re going to store in them. Ensure the cabinets you’re buying are ideal for the items and products you’re going to store.

5. Pay attention to kitchen cabinet hardware

When choosing kitchen cabinets, make sure you don’t overlook the cabinet hardware.  The pulls and handles of the cabinet doors have been referred to as the gems of the cabinetry as they add a unique touch to it.  From glass and copper to oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickel, the selection of hardware is literally limitless.

The cabinet hardware might affect the cost of your kitchen cabinets, though. It depends on which type and style of door handles you will choose.  Nowadays, you can select handles that begin as low as $2 apiece and can cost up to $50 apiece. If you’re low on budget, you can look for cheap yet stylish hardware, but don’t expect it to last long.

6. Frame or frameless?

The last but not the least consideration to make when choosing your next kitchen cabinet is to decide on whether or not you want frameless or framed kitchen cabinets. The framed kitchen cabinets are gaining more popularity in traditional kitchens these days. These are the cabinets with visible hinges and door attached to a front frame around the opening.

The cabinets with the door attached directly to the cabinet’s side where no hinge or hardware is visible are called frameless. Both framed and frameless cabinets have their perks and drawbacks. Choose the one that will best suit your kitchen style.

There are a lot of considerations you should make when choosing your next kitchen cabinet, but these six are the most important ones. It’s easy to make a mistake when selecting kitchen cabinets, as many people pay attention to the beauty, not functionality. If you’re ready to splurge on your cabinets, choose the latest kitchen cabinet trends or come up with your own creative ideas to make your kitchen more organized and functional.

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