Be Ready for it All

Be Ready for it All 1

A guest post by Amanda Green

As a mother of 4, there isn’t anything I am not prepared for. Okay, you all know how ridiculous of a statement that is. It is closer to there isn’t anything I am prepared for. Life throws us so many different loops it is hard to be ready for what is coming next. I think it’s the universes way to make sure we are constantly on our toes.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t try daily to be ready for what is coming. We plan out our schedules to the second to make sure everyone baths, brush their teeth, eats and is ready to leave the house in a timely manner. We incorporate daily lessons in our conversations with our little ones. Heck, I even do it with the babies. I guess it’s like subliminal messages.

But here is the harsh reality. Just yesterday I woke up with my list fresh in my head of how the day was going to go. The universe had other plans in mind. 3 temper tantrums, a tumble down the stairs that required a lot of TLC and ice, as well as a pair of lost shoes kept us from achieving half of my morning goals.

Mom’s you know what I am talking about…the morning that just doesn’t go right. When I finally had a moment to breath last night I put this into perspective. I viewed it as the big picture of what life can really bring our way.

This made me feel better and worse all at once. I realize I can’t control everything and can embrace the humor in mornings like that one. But it also made me think about the possibility that no matter what I plan for, my kids may go a different direction with their lives.

As a mother I am constantly planning what I want for my kids. They are all different and I think about their personalities when dreaming up their futures. My boys are inseparable and I imagine I will be fitting the bill for them to go to the same college while my oldest is very intrigued by different cultures and often speaks of traveling the world. For her I imagine she will be studying abroad somewhere.

Thanks to my success and fans I have been able to set aside money for these futures that I have planned for my loves. But the truth is, I could be completely wrong and end up funding 4 trips abroad. Or even worse I could have kids who have zero interest in going to college at all. This is when I decided I just need to roll with the punches.

I will financially plan for whatever future I dream for them, I will do all the right things to instill the importance in financial and educational success. I will nurture the individuality and be accepting of everything they throw my way. I will smile through the tears and laugh through the pain.

This may seem like a duh moment for many of you. But over the last few months I have been so stuck on how to assure they grow to be what I want them to be that I even sat down with my 6 year and showed her why I needed to take advantage of the best 0% interest rate balance transfer credit cards that I can possibly find.

This is an important lesson and I may share with all of my kids the same type of lessons, but it all of a sudden seems less important to me. We learn by watching more than we do through words. I watched my parents closely during their senior years and gleaned info about when I should take Social Security benefits. My kids will figure out their own path. For now, I just want to instill good morals and go with the flow.


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