Bazzle Baby-Adorable "Drool Catchers"

Bazzle Baby-Adorable "Drool Catchers" 1

Aubrey is a total DROOL baby! This little turkey is always blowing bubbles but all that drool gets down on her neck and you can just see her precious skin getting red and irritated. But Bazzle Baby has come to the rescue with their ADORABLE BandaBibs!

We got the chance to check out these adorable “bandana-shaped drool catchers” and I will say, I was impressed. Not only did Aubrey look precious, it was very absorbent. This unique design fits close on baby’s neck to ensure they stay dry! The products at Bazzle Baby come in a wide variety of gorgeous prints for both boys and girls.

Bazzle Baby-Adorable "Drool Catchers" 2

Want to know a little bit about how Bazzle Baby came about?

“Amanda Davis, founder and chief officer of Bazzle Baby Inc, had always wanted to be a Mother. She had also, always wanted to create her own business. When her first child, adorable Daisy, entered her life, complete with all those baby dribbles, spit-ups, and messy highchair feedings, Amanda started envisioning new and improved baby bibs!”

The BandaBib has also won the iParenting Media Award, the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, and Best Products for Baby & Children.

All materials used in Bazzle Baby Products are safety tested and are free from any chemicals that can irritate that sensitive skin.

Check out Bazzle Baby for BandaBibs, Big Bibs, and Burpers! You won’t be disappointed! How about a Bazzle Baby item for a holiday present?

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