Baltic Amber: 1 Product That Manages 5 Symptoms of Teething

Baltic Amber: 1 Product That Manages 5 Symptoms of Teething 1

We all love a great multi-tasker, don’t we? Why buy a simple blender when you can have the all-in-one blender-food processor-juicer-chopper-shredder? Is it because we are demanding? Maybe a little bit. But it is also because we are trying to find ways to simplify and streamline our lives. We want our space to be less cluttered and our day-to-day to be less mentally stressful.

Baltic amber is making waves in the teething world because it is proving itself to be a powerful and effective multi-tasker. Let’s take a look at the features of this product and what it offers:

Baltic Amber: 1 Product That Manages 5 Symptoms of Teething 2

Certified Baltic Amber:

The feature of primary importance when looking at amber for teething is the sourcing of the amber. Research has shown that only amber harvested in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have a high enough concentration of the effective compound to provide relief of symptoms.

Succinic Acid:

This is the effective compound found in the Baltic amber. It is the same acid produced in small quantities in the human body that acts as a naturally-occurring pain reliever (analgesic) and swelling reducer (anti-inflammatory). Unfortunately, the body does not produce enough succinic acid on its own to manage the multitude of symptoms that teething brings.

Using a teething necklace to boost the body’s own capabilities provides a safe, effective solution. Succinic acid is not stored in the body and does not produce the side-effects associated with synthetic analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications. It is absorbed, used, and eliminated.


The way that Baltic amber teething necklaces deliver the succinic acid to the body is simply through skin contact. As the necklace is worn, the Baltic amber beads are warmed. This warming releases a continuous stream of succinic acid that is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream.

As long as the necklace is worn underneath the teething baby’s clothing, in contact with the skin, the soothing effects are delivered in a steady, reliable stream. Click here for more information.


In contrast to other teething remedies, Baltic amber teething necklaces need only be purchased once. They are reusable for the duration of the teething process and even remain effective through multiple children. Priced around $20, they are the best value in teething remedies.

Multi-symptom Relief:

Here is where our love for the multitasker applies. Teething usually entails five main symptoms: swollen gums, pain, drooling, irritability, and sleeplessness. The first two of these are the foundational symptoms while the other three are the result of a cascade or domino effect. Previous synthetic remedies have only addressed the swelling and pain of teething in a temporary, cyclical manner: take a dose, let it reach effectiveness, watch the effects taper off, and redose. This means that the primary symptoms never maintain relief long enough for the three cascade effects to see any improvement.

Baltic amber teething necklaces, however, deliver consistent control of teething’s two foundational symptoms. The necklace is put on in the morning, warms, and maintains an optimal level of succinic acid in the body throughout the day, keeping swelling down and pain managed. As the swelling stays down, the body’s natural response to swelling in the mouth – drooling – is also kept in check.

No discomfort from swelling, no cyclical pain, and no annoying drooling…The outcome of these symptoms being under control is less irritability and a more normalized sleeping schedule as your teething baby is more able to relax.

All five of the main symptoms of teething are simply, safely, naturally, and consistently managed through this one economical product.

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