Baby Won’t Stop Crying? Ten Things To Check And How To Resolve Them

Baby Won't Stop Crying? Ten Things To Check And How To Resolve Them 1

Deciding you want a baby can give you a real mix of emotions. Excitement about the prospect of adding to your family, nerves about whether you really know what you are doing or if that maternal instinct you have heard so much about really does exist. Getting that positive pregnancy test can only intensify those emotions as you start to live through each month of pregnancy with anticipation and delight. However, many new moms to be don’t necessarily research what to do when the baby arrives. Sure they focus on pregnancy symptoms and labor options, but what happens after that?

The truth is, you can never 100% plan for what things are going to be like when you have a baby. For starters you don’t know what type of personality your little one will have. They may be great sleepers, they may be party goes and keep you up into the early hours of the morning. They may take to breastfeeding, you may struggle with it. However, one thing no one can really prepare for is when your baby starts to cry and you don’t quite no what is wrong. Feeling sleep deprived and hormonal only intensifies they problem. So I thought I would share with you the top ten common reasons your baby is crying. I hope it offers you some comfort in your time of need.

Baby Won't Stop Crying? Ten Things To Check And How To Resolve Them 2

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Are they hungry?

Would you believe it, but hunger is the top reason why your little one is crying. So this should always be your first port of call to see if this will pacify them in some way. A baby’s stomach is only very small, so it would always be wise to offer up any milk be that breast or formula if your little on is crying, even if it doesn’t seem so long ago that they actually had a feed.

Are they tired?

One of the biggest causes of uncontrollable crying is the fact that your little one could be overtired. It can actually be much worse for your little one to drift off naturally if they happen to be more tired than usual. Your baby’s sleep cues to tend to be whining and crying at the slightest thing, so if they don’t seem hungry but are really overreacting to things, then it could be a sign that they are ready for some sleep. If this is the case, try and calm the situation and environment you are in. Lower lighting if possible, get them comfortable and encourage them to drift off to sleep.Baby Won't Stop Crying? Ten Things To Check And How To Resolve Them 3

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Do they need a diaper change?

Crying can often mean discomfort and one of the biggest causes of that is a diaper that needs changing. You may also find that they are struggling with diaper rash because of this, and this can cause quite a lot of discomfort and pain. So you may want to invest in something like Mustela Diaper Rash Cream 1 2 3 which could help ease the pain and let your little one become comfortable once more.

Do they need some love and affection?

Would you be surprised to read that sometimes your little one could be crying because they just simply want to some love and affection from you. A nice cuddle, a little play and attention, it can go a long way to easing those cries.

Baby Won't Stop Crying? Ten Things To Check And How To Resolve Them 4

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They just feel like crying

Surprisingly, if your little one is less than five months old, you may find that they can cry just for the sake of it. No matter how hard you try it could just be one of them things. Maybe for attention, may be to just feel better in themselves.

Could they have wind?

Wind can often be very uncomfortable for a little one, and when they are drinking from a bottle and breastfeeding, they can gulp air as well, which cause them to have wind. Burping and winding your little one could be the answer to resolving those cries. There are many ways you can get your little ones to burp, and sometimes some of the least common ways work a treat. Some moms find that it can take some time, so often doing it during feeds to help ease any discomfort can be a great way to get ahead of the situation.

Are they too hot?

Take care not to overdress your baby, as you may find they get upset because they feel too hot. It is important to keep your baby warm, but often we can all be guilty of being a little over protective, especially when stepping out into the cold. Layers are good, as you can start to strip them off as an when needed.

Are they too cold?

Likewise babies can feel uncomfortable if they are too cold, so it is really important to strike the right balance. Layers can work well to keep warmth as well as relieving them if they are feeling too hot. They can also feel cooler when having their diaper changed or when they are in the bath. This could be a strong indicator if you find that they like neither of these things, as the cold could have much to do with it. Try and keep things warm to see if that makes a difference.

Do they feel well?

It can be hard to decipher if your little one is unwell, especially because they can’t tell you that something is wrong. So it is important for you to look out for any signs and changes. Maybe the cry will be in a different tone, perhaps uncontrollable or high pitched could suggest pain somewhere. Make sure to check temperature and keep an eye out for other more telling symptoms like rashes. Nobody knows your baby as well as you do, so if your git tells you something isn’t right, listen to it and head to the doctors or hospital to get your little one checked over properly.

It is all just getting too much

Finally, just like we can feel overwhelmed, so can your baby, and this can be a big reason why they begin to cry. If there is too much going on, too much noise or interference, then this can also be a reason for your little one to cry out.

I hope that this helps you if you find yourself with a baby that just won’t stop crying. It happens to the best of us.


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  1. There are so many things, but after a bit, you learn subtle cues. I agree, some cry to hear themselves. Not usually, but some do. Babies are surprisingly complicated at times!

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