Aubrey’s 5th Birthday at Monday Night RAW! #WWEMoms

Aubrey's 5th Birthday at Monday Night RAW! #WWEMoms 1

Aubrey is my little WWE fan. She didn’t want princesses on her backpack for preschool, she knew exactly what she wanted, a WWE backpack.

My love of the WWE and John Cena has passed on to my kids but especially Aubrey. She loves every Monday night when it’s time for Raw.  When John Cena was tweeting #MeepMoop, she was excited for the chance of posting a tweet that maybe, just maybe, John Cena would see.

Aubrey John CenaAnd sure enough, he did. He started following my Twitter account that night.


When we found out WWE was coming to Des Moines for Monday Night Raw, I knew Aubrey would be pumped! Unfortunately, John Cena won’t be there with his injury and recent surgery (Get Well Soon John!), she’s been sad and even asked if she could invite John Cena to her birthday party. If only my sweetheart!

Aubrey knows John Cena is working on getting better but still excited for the chance to see several other Superstars and Divas in Des Moines. The last time WWE was here, Steven and I stood outside the arena for a few hours before and hand the chance to see and meet several stars. We plan to do the same this time so Aubrey can hopefully get up close and personal this time as well =)

Today, we received confirmation that Aubrey would indeed be going to Monday Night Raw, thanks to the WWE and WWEMoms! To add even more fun, we’ll be bringing more people with us to take part of the fun!

We found out when the twins were napping but we had to get video of Aubrey finding out the awesome news!


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