Are we teaching our children to be bullies?

Are we teaching our children to be bullies? 1

We all know how big of a problem bullying is and in recent years, more research has actually shown what bullying can do to the victim of such.

I was a victim of bullying when I was in school. Children can be down right cool to one another. My little brother has faced bullies through his school years. When I hear that elmentary school-aged children  are going as far as bullying a peer with statements of “You should just kill yourself”  But why?

More and more children are “left to fend” for themselves. Relationships are not what they were 30 to 40 years ago. It has become more of a norm to let your children run and do what they want. When I see young children walking through a town alone or with a not much older sibling worries me.

If my child is outside, I’m outside. I have rules for my kids and when they see others doing whateer they want, they of course are mad when they aren’t allowed to do the same.

Are we teaching our children to be bullies? 2Today as I was pulling up to our post office. I saw a group of children sitting together on some steps. I would say the oldest girl was 10 years old tops. As I opened my car door, I watched this girl palm hit a girl much smaller than her in the back of the head as she walked away. It was probably instinct fully but I instantly raised my voice, “HEY, you don’t need to be hitting people at all. We don’t do that.” She muttered a sorry under her breath at me, not the little girl she hit. The real kicker? She did this right across the street from a police department. “You’re really gonna pull some stunt like that with police right there?”

I could not believe what I had seen. As I was in the post office, I debated going outside and telling the little girl to tell me where she lived or a phone number for parents. I don’t want to be the individual to “discipline” another’s child but it was completely inappropriate. If she was willing to hit this little girl with people coming and going driving right there, I could only imagine what she would do when she knew no one was looking.

I worried this little girl is the perfect example of a bully. More individuals need to teach their children what is and is not appropriate and set standards for your children.

Have you ever had to step in and discipline another individual’s child? 

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  1. It is very sad to see that nowadays a lot of parents think that teaching their kids not to bully others is not necessary. They think that being aggressive will give an advantage to the child in the adult world later. I was born in small town and 30 years ago it was totally accepted there to discipline other’s kids if it was needed.

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