April Fool’s Day

April Fool's Day 1Oh boy. The Facebook Statuses are showing words of “I’m going to be a daddy!!” “I’m Pregnant” Oh yes. I forgot. It’s April Fool’s Day. And to think I was supposed to be born BEFORE today but waited until April 8th. I’m supposed to be the master of prankity pranks.

What are your favorite April Fools Pranks?

Going to order a Left-Handed Whopper?

Order a Starbucks Plenta to keep the energy all day?

Tell your Mom she’s going to be a Grandma again?

Frozen Underwear?


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  1. The kitten is too cute. I don’t pull April’s fools jokes on anyone, but one blogger already got me. Yep, I believed her picture of it snowing where she was at. Silly me.

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