Anxiety of Pain Management Appointments

Anxiety of Pain Management Appointments 1

Tomorrow marks another trip to the pain management doctor.

I’m scared.

Then again, I’m always scared. There’s an anxiety from pain management appointments that is to be expected. Hello, you’re going into a place knowing you are likely to be getting a TON of injections or an injection that goes far into a muscle, joint, or nerve.

While I continue to have the all over stiffness in my back and neck, the thing that has been totally irritating me and causing extreme pain is my ribs. The best way to describe is Slipped Rib Syndrome. And with how long this has been going on, my doctor said last time that the muscle is used to holding my ribs OUT of my place versus in place.

At my last appointment, we talked about a nerve block for the ribs. Sure enough, I just HAD to look it up. Intercostal Nerve Block Yikes.

Another problem when dealing with these appointments is if we focus on one issue, it seems the other things have to wait. There’s no guarantee that the procedure will work and I often find myself having to wait atleast a month for the next time to “try again”.

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