Another Great Mom Relax Time: LUSH Cosmetics

If you’ve noticed, I’ve recently been doing things I can find for us AKA MOMS. I think too often do we forget to take time out for ourselves but hopefully, after some of these finds I have made, you’ll be sure to make sure you devote some time out of that busy schedule for YOU!

LUSH Cosmetics
is perfect for taking the time to pamper yourself! Not only are there MANY options to choose from but you will love knowing they have absolutely no animal testing and are 100% Vegetarian. As they put it best, “Since LUSH came on the scene 13 years ago, its philosophy has always been based on ethics and having the least impact on the environment while still producing effective and innovative beauty products. LUSH products are 100% vegetarian, 74% vegan, 65% preservative-free, and 60% free of wasteful packaging with absolutely no animal testing being done on LUSH products or ingredients”

Thanks to LUSH Cosmetics, I’ve gotten the chance to check out some of their best sellers to share with you and one word describes it all. AMAZING.

Another Great Mom Relax Time: LUSH Cosmetics 1I LOVE taking the time to soak in a warm bath. Some things keep me in the tub as long as I can get, even if the water starts to get cold! The Avobath Bath Bomb is one that did this for me! With a mix of lemongrass, bergamot, and balancing rosewood essential oils definitely “awaken the senses” and enjoyable. Avocado is rich in vitamins and the olive oil in this bath bomb also helps with dry skin. With the harsh winter cold we’ve been experiencing here in Iowa-the Avobath Bath Bomb is a must have!

Now this next one, the name alone will catch your attention! Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel is another great LUSH Cosmetics product. Wondering where you’ve heard the name? Think of the movie High Fidelity and Jack Black’s band in the film. BINGO! This shower gel is complete with Caribbean herbal tea, herbal coffee from Jamaica, lime juice, and cocoa. There’s also Vanilla and Hemp Oil to leave your skin soft as well. And even though he won’t admit, I caught the hubby trying this one out as well and yes I can say it, he really did smell YUM!
Another Great Mom Relax Time: LUSH Cosmetics 2

Another fun item to check out is the Pop In the Bath Bubble Bar! Now you’re probably saying, Ok what’s a bubble bar? All you have to do is crumble a part of the bar under running water as you fill your tub and get ready for bubbles! An important thing to remember is the higher the water pressure, the more bubbles you get and less bar you need! These bars are fun and bright with essential oils that cleanse and soften skin. Once again, a big plus. “Let this invigorating bubble bar lift you out of the doldrums”

Now I am always fighting to try get a back rub from Steven. Guess what? Yes LUSH Cosmetics comes to my rescue again! The Therapy Massage Bar is a lifesaver! Complete with lavender oil and neroli oil to help those of us suffering from exhaustion (YES YOU!) and relieve stress. Just smooth directly onto the skin to produce a massage oil that you can get the hubby to rub in (if you’re luckier than me) or use it yourself as an after shower moisturizer. I rubbed this in to my elbows really well and could definitely feel a difference.

As you can see, LUSH Cosmetics has a wide variety of products including many more I haven’t even touched base on. When you check out LUSH, you will find something for every member of your family. Another great part about LUSH Cosmetics is checking out the Green Tips they have to offer! We all need to take an active part in protecting our environment and LUSH Cosmetics is doing their part!

I’d love to hear about your favorite LUSH Cosmetics! LUSH Cosmetics definitely wins an A+ in my book!

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  1. I actually just won the My Fair Lady Gift Set and i absolutely LOVE it!! It came wrapped like a present…i almost didn’t want to unwrap it it was so nice. But i did and i love the products i received!

  2. They look like they have some nice stuff. Mother’s Day gift to self here I come, lol.

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