Announcing the Arrival of Your Newborn

Announcing the Arrival of Your Newborn 1

Though Facebook or Twitter might be the quickest way to announce the arrival of your new baby, it might not the best. Taking a quick photo with your phone then uploading it to a social network doesn’t always yield the most flattering results, doesn’t necessarily reach all the people that you want it to and gives no one a lasting memento of your child.

This is why a card is a lovely way to announce and celebrate the amazing news of your new arrival, especially if the photo that you use really captures the personality of him or her.

How to Take Beautiful Photos of Your Newborn

  • The Right Time- Babies are always at their most content after they’ve been fed (aren’t we all?) and after a nap. If you want photos for an announcement, it’s best to take photos no later than two weeks after birth.
  • The Right Angle- Tiny babies are always going to be difficult to photograph because they are just that, tiny. A nursing shot always works well, especially if your announcement card is going to friends and family as they will want to see parents, grandparents or siblings too.
  • Natural Lighting- Position the child near a window, where the light isn’t shining directly in. You can use a flash, but make sure it is indirect so it doesn’t wash the subject out and flash into their eyes.
  • Composed vs Candid- Keep your camera close at all times so you can capture perfect moments at any moment. Make use of editing software to change the saturation or contrast of the photo and to airbrush out any scratches or birthmarks. If you want to take a composed photo, think about the composition of your shot before you take it, making sure you and anyone else knows what’s happening beforehand to prevent unnecessary stress to the baby.
  •  Colour vs Black and White- This is down to personal preference, but most baby portraits are in black and white. This is because newborns are usually red and blotchy, and black and white eliminates this. If you choose to use colour, then make sure that nothing is too bright or fussy, thus distracting from the baby.

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