Affordable Health Care for All

Ever since I was a little girl, I often heard of many not having dental insurance or vision care services. Today, I still hear stories of “Well I don’t have insurance.” “I can’t afford it”. As an individual that had to have dental work and surgeries done because of birth defects, I understand the need to find an affordable dental plan. The majority of my dental expenses from the age of 5 until I turned 18 were payed out of pocket by my Mother. We like to make the joke that in all reality, my mouth is a hot commodity-well over $30,000 has been put into it.

Often, I hear people also looking into finding a medical plan that is going to fit their needs. It is kind of scary to think about how insurance companies work but being underinsured or uninsured at all sucks. I’ve been there. And it never fails, you get sick or injured in the worst ways possible. I remember even being sick in the Emergency Room with pneumonia and no way to get myself the medicine I need as I have no prescription plan either. Another time, I was in a car accident and banged up-I refused medical attention because I had no insurance. I could only imagine what it would have cost me if I stepped into that ambulance. 19 years old with no insurance at the time-SCARY.

There are several ways for individuals to seek out health care that is quality and affordable, but it is still intimidating and nervewracking to think about the “What ifs” of not having coverage.

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  1. Our system is definetely broken and needs to be revamped. I’m very against universal health care and the current legislation being discussed because I see how inefficiently gov’t-run programs are (DMV, USPS, Medicare, etc). However, I definetely see the need for tort reform and more personal responsibility for minor medical expenses in order to keep insurance costs down, thus keeping medical expenses down (Example: even though you have car insurance, you pay out of pocket to get your oil changed. I’d like to see medical insurance under a similar “Major medical” model). Also, Healthcare providers need to quit jacking up prices when insurance companies are involved, the expense of which gets passed along in our premiums. Anyways, that’s just my two cents. Yes, it is very scary to be without insurance.

    1. Madison, I totally get what you are saying. I have seen friends too with no insurance end up in the ER for hours. All to get a shot and later a bill for 2,000 dollars. OUCH.

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