How to Add Song Lyrics in iTunes

How to Add Song Lyrics in iTunes 1

Generally, there are two ways to add the lyrics of a specific song by using iTunes. The first one is by manually adding the lyrics and the second is by automatically adding the lyrics. This process will require some proper information in which you can understand the basic method of installing the lyrics of your favorite song. The first one is on how to manually install the lyrics of a particular song by using iTunes.

Adding song lyrics manually

Basically, iTunes is a media player that most people use in order to listen to their favorite music. However, the media player capability of iTunes is not limited to play songs. You can also use it to manually add lyrics to songs easily.

The first step is to display the entire songs on the iTunes library, then view the entire list of songs by clicking the music menu that is located in the lower part of the window panel.

The second step is to select a specific song that you want to add lyrics. You can either use the right click button of the mouse or the keyboard of your computer to choose the get info menu. After that, click the lyrics menu then you will see a large blank area of large text. This is where you have to paste the lyrics of the song.

The next thing to do is to look for the best website that can provide the best line of song lyrics for every song. If you have already located the lyrics that you want highlighted it by using the right click button and copy the file. After that, go back to your iTunes and then paste the file onto the blank text area then press ok.

The last step is to check the song and lyrics by playing the song. If the lyrics are in perfect sync with the song then the process is successful.

Add song lyrics automatically

tidymymusicFor adding song lyrics to your iTunes, the best thing to use is TidyMyMusic which can provide the best makeover for the entire songs that are in your iTunes. Normally, people would love to sing along with the music that they are playing but the problem is that you don’t have the lyrics. If you want to have all the lyrics of every song that you want to sing, TidyMyMusic can make that happen almost instantly. It is capable of automatically finding and downloading all the lyrics of the songs that is in your iTunes. Then you can embed the lyrics to the songs with just a click of the Apply button. After that, you can take the lyrics with songs to any devices or media players.

What’s more, it allows you to relax while the songs in your iTunes are prepared with almost everything that you prefer to have. TidyMyMusic is capable of providing the complete information about the singer, the track and information that you have been looking for. If you prefer to have the original album artwork, TidyMyMusic can automatically download it with ease. This will allow you to have all the basic information about the album and what it looks like.

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